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by TRN Staff Writer Athletes pretty much provoke the same celebrity response as actors and singers.  People think their lives are cush and perfect because of all the media attention and the millions they earn for starring in movies, singing or playing ball.  But the same money that can make their lives a dream can […]
by TRN Staff Writers, Social media response to Charlottesville Virginia was swift and merciless.  Stars like Zendaya, Jeffrey Wright, Mahershala Ali and others raised their voices to speak out on the racism that was unfolding.     While Hollywood always tries to weigh in on political and social issues, sometimes it misses the mark as […]
by TRN Staff Writer, FaceApp’s latest filters proved that on social media, people have no filter when they truly hate something.  The popular app introduced a feature that allowed users to digitally alter their race and gender.  So users could see what they look like as a Black, Asian, Indian or White person. If the […]
by TRN Writers, Let me start by saying “Wow” and follow that thought up with a gigantic “WTF?!”  Zazzle online marketing company advertised some trendy shirts with catchy lines emblazoned on the front.  Among some of my favs… “Unapologetically black” and “Danger-Educated Black Woman”. You catch the theme here right…the  Black pride Tees are marketed […]
by G. Brown The Trump administration is said to finally be ready to tackle a touchy topic-discrimination.  Oh save that applause–it is so not what you think.  According to CNN, the White House is “readying resources in the Justice Department’s civil rights division for the purpose of investigating and litigating “race-based discrimination” in US higher […]
by G. Brown Another shooting death at the hands of a police officer, but this time everything it seems is different. Justine Damond’s death by a Minneapolis police officer has raised awareness about the reality of police violence.for some who may not have seen it as a problem before now.  Damond, a 40 year old […]