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by G. Brown The debate over Confederate monuments went off the rails on FOX News Monday when a former Donald Trump spokesperson defended monuments as a patriotic part of American history.  Katrina Pierson got into a heated exchange with Hopkins University professor Wendy Osefo. The issue on the table was whether House Speaker Republican Paul […]
By: Leticia Latrice Too often black people are ridiculed for their hair. People act like they are afraid of nappy, wild, unique looking hair. Just because black hair is coarse, kinky, curly, full and thick doesn’t make it unattractive. Recently the Federal appeals court has gone too far by ruling that people who have dreadlocks […]
By Leticia Latrice: Even if you are a star you are still judged by the color of your skin. Tuesday night while attempting to purchase $400 worth of gift cards, Zendaya was refused service. The clerk told her she couldn’t afford the gift cards and actually threw Zendaya’s wallet back at her. When some of […]
by G. Brown Traffic warrants ended in gun fire and the death of 23 year-old Korryn Gaines.  Baltimore police say they were there to arrest Gaines on the warrant but once they realized she had a gun in the house, they sent for more back up. Gaines also had two small children in the house, […]
By: Leticia Latrice Why is it that there are so many negative stereotypes of black people?  It seems like these days people would rather believe the stereotype than the truth. Common stereotypes of black people are that all young black men are dangerous thugs and drug dealers. That all black women wear weave and are […]
by G. Brown When Black victims became routine target practice for police around the country, Black Lives Matter (BLM) was born out of that despair and with it a conservative response that totally misses or dismisses the conversation by asserting that all lives matter. As the two sides argued who’s right and who’s wrong, another […]
By: Leticia Latrice What is it about black hair that makes people so uncomfortable? It is sad when a black woman with an Afrocentric hair style has to feel uncomfortable among a group of another culture. Have you ever had to be the spokesperson for black people to explain why and how our hair looks […]