Home Celebrities Chance the Rapper Calls Smith’s “Bright”Movie A Shallow Look at Racism
Chance the Rapper Calls Smith’s “Bright”Movie A Shallow Look at Racism

Chance the Rapper Calls Smith’s “Bright”Movie A Shallow Look at Racism


by G. Brown

After binging on Christmas turkey and eggnog, many followed what’s becoming an addition to the holiday tradition, binging Netflix.  At the top of the menu was Will Smith’s “Bright”–a parallel reality where humans, orcs, elves and fairies all co-exist in a crime ridden world. Smith plays a police officer partnered with an Orc rookie who struggle to survive the streets and struggle to accept each other despite their differences.  The fantasy drama kind of merges the world of modern day Los Angeles with the imaginary world of “The Lord of the Rings”.  The $90 million dollar film is a special effects wonderland full of creatures and magic that may delight fantasy fans, but leaves realists like Chance the Rapper disappointed.

After viewing the movie, Chance proved to be one of the harshest critics of Will’s latest project agreeing with a tweet that said “This movie is filled with s**t for the Illuminati agenda“.  Aside from pushing a particular agenda, Chance also seemed disappointed that the film targeted issues of racism, but failed to deliver in a meaningful way.  Chance tweeted…

Fans of the “No Problem” rapper chimed in with the problems they had with “Bright”…

It’s funny that they like to make movies about fantasy racism instead of just making movies confronting actual racism.

— Ziyad (@ziyadmerhebi) December 27, 2017

But others saw the movie as a bulls eye for targeting racism…

Critics at trade publications that cover everything Hollywood seem to be as divided over “Bright” as viewers.  Variety called it “Fantastic. ambitious yet astonishingly well-executed … brilliant“.  Indiewire didn’t agree saying, “There’s boring, there’s bad, and then there’s ‘Bright,’ a movie so profoundly awful that Republicans will probably try to pass it into law over Christmas break“.  And then there’s the holy grail of reviews Rotten Tomatoes which gives us the true picture of how polarizing this movie is with critics giving it a low 30% score on the tomatometer and audiences giving it a glowing 89%.

The greatest thing about Chance opening the dialogue on this movie is that people are talking about the issues of racism–even if it is all allegorical and based in a fantasy universe.  It’s what movies should do.  Open our minds to the problems around us and engage, even motivate us to want to change things. In that sense, “Bright” hit its target as much as “Selma”, “12 Years a Slave” and “Django Unchained”.

Chance wasn’t panning the movie as much as he was pushing the discourse about racism.  If creating buzz is the aim of every movie, then “Bright” is a success.

Netflix is listening to the audiences it seems on this one as plans are reportedly underway for the “Bright” sequel.