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“Chasing Destiny” Canceled, Reality Star Dead at 23 & Prince Still Making Music : Celebrity Wrap Up



by TRN Staff Writers,

Prince, “All Your Love”  Actress, singer Kat Graham says you can thank Prince for all the funky, old school vibes you’ll hear on her new single “All Your Love”.  Graham told Huffington Post that she worked closely with the music icon in putting the album together.  She remembers one conversion in which Prince asked her, “Why aren’t you doing something that feels more funk and more Donna Summers [or a] Giorgio Moroder sound?“. The young singer says she then sent him the early, rough drafts of “All Your Love” and Prince asked, “Did you write this yourself? Did you do this?” When she told him she wrote it all by herself she said he responded, “Aw, my baby’s all grown up.” Graham contributes Prince with setting the tone for album and helped her write some of the songs. The “Vampire Diaries” star says Prince was her mentor and educated her so much about the music industry.  She says losing him was difficult, but she has plenty of fond memories to help her cope. With her album finally set for release in early 2017, Graham imagines what Prince would say to her, “I feel like he would have…said, ‘Well, honey, I’ve taught you everything you needed to know and if you need any more than that then I didn’t do my job.

It’s destiny–“Chasing Destiny” Canceled  Kelly Rowland’s docu-series “Chasing Destiny” will not be returning to BET for a second season.  The former Destiny’s Child singer not only created the show but also served as producer. The reality show  followed five female singers on their quest to chase down fame and  become the next superstar girl group. “Chasing Destiny” premiered on BET in April of this year with the first few episodes showing the process to put a group together and watching as selection finally narrowed down to Ashly, Kristal, Gabby, Shyann and Brienna.  During its short run, the show picked up a respectable following of fans, but not enough viewers for BET to bring it back for season two. The group was more than just a ‘made for TV band’–the girls actually recorded songs and toured with Kelly Rowland, but none of their singles managed to top any charts.  Word for now is that even though the show is canceled, the band will stay together and keep touring with Rowland.


Former Reality star Dead at 23    Valerie Fairman’s fans may remember her as the beauty battling a drug problem when she appeared on MTV’s “16 and Pregnant” seven years ago.  The show documented Fairman’s substance abuse problem as the then sophomore also struggled with pregnancy.  Since leaving the show, TMZ reports that Fairman has had a number of run-ins with the law on various charges including prostitution, resisting arrest and providing false ID to police.  The news site also reports the cause of death “appears to be an overdose.”  Fairman was found in the bathroom at a friend’s home.  After the friend called out to Fairman several times without an answer, the friend eventually broke down the door and found her unresponsive.  Fairman’s 7-year old daughter daughter Nevaeh is now with the child’s grandmother. TRN extends our deepest condolences to the family and friends of Fairman for their loss.

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