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Chris Brown’s New Album About Love Stirs Up Some Bitter Memories for Fans



by TRN Staff Writer,

Trending on some media and all over the web, singer Chris Brown’s new album “Heartbreak on a Full Moon” is drawing both praise and criticisms from fans.

The singer choose Halloween to treat fans by dropping his eighth studio album on a day where tricks usually reign.  Brown is singing his heart out with an unbelievable 45 songs on the album featuring guests like Yo Gotti, Jhene Aiko Gucci Mane and R. Kelly.   Brown said in a recent radio interview, “With this album, I wanted to capture all bases of who my audience [is] and what songs they can actually identify with. More R&B, all my girl fans love it, you gon’ have it. More pop, you gon’ have it. But it’s still gonna be my essence.”

On Twitter, fans are carving out a lot of time to listen to all 45 songs and many are liking what they hear.


While plenty of Brown’s “girl fans” seem to be loving the new sound, some are still dealing with the old issue of the singer’s abusive behavior towards women.  Atlanta Blackstar wrote, “There were also people who didn’t even care about the new music, and instead brought up the Rihanna assault-charge. “I’m so confused,” someone wrote. “Chris Brown beat a woman and still has a platform? Ray Rice got that pulled, so should Chris Brown.”“How can you listen to Chris Brown,” another person tweeted. “His music is trash and he abuses women.”

 It’s been eight years since Brown went from ‘singer on the rise- to the man lowest man on earth’  after beating then girlfriend Rihanna.  The couple reportedly had an argument which escalated into physical violence.  Rihanna was left with facial scars and injures.  Brown turned himself in to police and was charged with felony assault.  Even though he faced the judicial system and completed requirements including a year of domestic violence counseling, six months of community service and obeyed a restraining order to stay away from Rihanna, some fans felt that justice was not served.  Brown said in an interview with The Sun that what happened between him and Rihanna will “haunt me forever“.  The truth of his revelation is apparent at times like now as fans remind him of his past.  But others come to his defense like fans quoted by Atlanta Blackstar who said, “Chris Brown is a legend,” wrote another. “Anybody who thinks otherwise is a hater.” The article also quoted another Brown supporter who see the fans as the problem saying, ” But one Twitter user accused folks of being vindictive and said they need to be way more forgiving. “Ya’ll want Chris brown to roll over and die because he made a mistake as a teenager?” he or she tweeted.”

Brown has said that he’s not sure why he lost his temper that night while riding in the car with Rihanna.  In a documentary about that night Brown said the way he behaved, the person who hurt Rihanna,”that’s not me bro. That’s not me…I just, I hate it to this day.”

What do you think, has Brown paid his penance? Is it time for fans to let Brown’s past be just that? Or should he always be reminded of the night he abused his power and strength to harm the woman he claimed to love?

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1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. Shawn J

    November 1, 2017 at 8:35 pm

    Who cares?! Chris Brown has learned his lesson; let the past be the past and move on already!

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