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Ciara and Russell: What a Difference the Right Man Makes




by G. Brown

There’s an old Phoebe Snow song “Love Makes a Woman” with the refrain:

“And it’s love that makes a woman
And it’s love that makes a woman
What she is, yeah, what she is, hey, yeah

It’s love, it’s love, it’s love
That makes a woman”

From the moment R&B singer Ciara and Seattle Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson made their romance public, they’ve made more headlines as a couple than either seemed to garner for their solo careers. And of course, their vows to celibacy until marriage certainly rattled the world of social media with everybody weighing in with their opinion.  News of their engagement over the weekend set off another social media quake. Of course most of the messages were congratulatory, some of were just plain funny about how the two will celebrate the end of the celibacy on their wedding night and many were aimed at Ciara’s ex-Future…

Fans are always interested in who’s dating who in Hollywood, but the fascination with Ciara’s and Russell union has been more so.  Perhaps it’s not just the declaration of celibacy, but seeing the change in Ciara the woman since she’s connected with Russell.  A fan posted this after Ciara announced her engagement that perfectly captures the spirit of this idea:Screenshot (291)

The poster’s point may seem to be a romanticist notion that some will think is too much like a fairytale, but the truth is your choice of mate does affect your life.  You can be with someone who disrespects you, call you names, beat on you or you can be with someone who treats you like a queen, acts as a protector and provider and leads you and your family to a better life.  If you put a beautiful rose vine in a dark, cold place and ignore it without proper sunlight, food or water, eventually it dies.  But if you take that same vine and give it all that it needs, help it to become what it was created to be, then one day it flowers into the beauty it was destined to be.  That’s simple science, but also a truth about relationships, love and marriage.  Whatever you mistreat, abuse and starve will die…whatever you feed, nourish and attend to grow.

Ciara and Russell are just a living example of the lyrics from that Phoebe Snow song…”love makes a woman”. Love also defines and makes a man. 

And some haters are already predicting this fairytale affair with Ciara will end the same way as her previous relationships and Russell’s first marriage.  I hope they are wrong…with so much hatred, anger, evil in the world, it’s good to see a boring, normal story where a man and woman simply decide to love one another…end of story.

What do you think? 

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