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Claimed Cures for AIDS, Diabetes and Cancer: 5 Facts About Dr. Sebi

Claimed Cures for AIDS, Diabetes and Cancer: 5 Facts About Dr. Sebi


by G. Brown

His claims were astounding…too astounding for some who labeled him nothing more than a charlatan.  But Dr. Sebi stood behind his claims that as a naturalistic, he accomplished what orthodox medicine couldn’t and unraveled the mysteries behind defeating some of the most deadly diseases facing the world.

Dr. Sebi’s real name was Alfredo Darrington Bowman. He died last weekend in Honduras from complications of pneumonia which he contracted reportedly after having been jailed and  beaten while in police custody.  The 82-year old was arrested on charges of money laundering . The cause behind his death is now being investigated.

Dr. Sebi’s death is being mourned by many who truly believe his holistic remedies were the cures for mankind.  But much of the world had never heard of Dr. Sebi. Here are 5 Facts That You Never Knew About Dr. Sebi:

  1.  Learned Everything He Knew from His Grandmom  Dr. Sebi was classified as an herbalist, pathologist, biochemist and healer, but never went to school to practice medicine. He started as an herbal healer using lessons he learned from his grandmother about how to use natural foods in our diet to stay healthy.
  2. Dr. to the Stars   People world wide sought out his wisdom and remedies.  Celebrities like Lisa Lopes, John Travolta, Eddie Murphy and Michael Jackson were all at one time listed as his patients. Jackson even took Sebi to the nation’s capital to meet with Black Congressmen who dismissed the herbalist’s claims and refused him support.
  3. He took on the NYC Supreme Court and Won In 1988, Dr. Sebi faced criminal and civil charges for practicing medicine without a license.  With no formal education or degree to prove he was a doctor, the man known as Dr. Sebi explained to the court that he relied  on making dietary adjustments to heal the body.  Seventy people showed up to testify that Dr. Sebi had healed them of various illnesses and improved their overall health. The prosecution failed to show that Sebi was practicing as a doctor instead of a healer.   The court found Dr. Sebi not guilty on all accounts.
  4. Cures for AIDS, Diabetes, Cancer  Dr. Sebi advocated a diet of what what he called “electric foods” and herbs that would cure diseases including diabetes, sickle cells, blindness, lupus, herpes, cancer and AIDS. Sebi claimed his remedy cleared plaque from clogged cells and removed mucous  and allowed the body to heal.
  5.  Eat 2 Live or Eat 2 Die Dr. Sebi argued that you are indeed what you eat and advocated that a diet full of fruits and vegetables along with plenty of water to flush out toxins was all that was needed to live a healthy life. He also advised people to refrain using the microwave.  Sebi founded the Dr. Sebi’s Research Institute and spent 30 years guiding followers to a healthier lifestyle. You can learn more about his methodology and products here.


    1. Hi Paulette Theriault Click on the link (the word “here” in the very last sentence and the last word in the story) and it will take you to a website where you find out more about Dr. Sebi and his teachings. There’s also a web page where you find his products and hear some of his videos at https://drsebiscellfood.com/ You can also hear more from him on Youtube….just search is name and videos will pop up. Hope this helps. Thanks Paulette.

  1. First and foremost Dr.sebi claims are disputed by western cosmopolitan medicine ! Nevetheless , naturopathic/homeopathic medical therapeutic modalities are increasingly being employed by the today health care practitioners !!!!!!!!!!

  2. God be with You Elder & Dr Sebi and thank You Elder & R.I.P for helping Us with some real Wisdom of the cure of white folks’ racist dis-eases that could kill Us and make Us sick let not forget they killed Elder Muhammad Ali too one way or another like and I agree with everything that NBA IS FIXED is saying and listen Black People let start declaring war back at white people by unifying amongst Ourselves and take back what’s historically Our this Country and all over this Earth before these racist invaders came and took over with their racist actions, lies, deceit, and their domination

  3. The ethnic cleansing of black people is real! Back in April the racist white aristocracy murdered Prince and now they murdered Dr. Sebi. Both of these black men were more than just highly intelligent, they were geniuses! Both of these black men were a huge threat to wealth and power of white supremacy; Prince in regards to the music industry, Dr. Sebi in regards to the pharmaceutical industry. Pay close attention brothers and sistas, THEY’RE KILLING US! The white man are murdering our most gifted and most intelligent black men and black women! The white man has declared war against us! The black man and black woman are under attack! We must do something immediately. I welcome your suggestions!

    1. I don’t know about Dr. Sebi, however, I think Prince was responsible for his own demise. But you’re right, African American men, in particular, are under attack by a certain section of our society. We must stay awake, visible and vocal to the fact that black lives do matter. We must demand the restructuring of laws that are allowing innocent people to be killed with no accountability. We deserve to be treated like human beings.


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