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Columbus Short Was Wanted By Police & On The Run… But On vacation?




Stomp the Yard and Scandal star Columbus Short has become another black celebrity with a run-in with the law.  After failing to appear in court for his criminal domestic violence case, he’s been wanted ever since. Where has he been for the last month?  On a vacation getaway in Barbados instead.  For a second there he was stuck with a set bail of $40,000 until he pleaded no contest.

I guess he just wanted to get away from it all..?

What is up with celebrities and jail and rehab? It seems like one way or another, most of them run into it eventually.  If you notice unfortunately common trend, many make it, soak up the limelight, then dim down to where you don’t hear about them for a while, until you find them in jail or in prison.

Rappers who were once relevant like Soulja Boy, thrown in jail.  Chris Brown ended up in jail.  Kat Williams too. Even Orlando Brown from the Disney series, “That’s So Raven.”  And these are just to name a few.

And then you hear the reasons why they go to jail; driving under the influence, tax evasion, domestic violence, skipping out on court to hang out in Barbados…

These sentences are usually things that they have control over.  It kind of makes you wonder if they go to jail on purpose for more exposure.  I get that they’re celebrities and all, but what makes them think that they’re above the law?

Or maybe celebrities aren’t as special as the world makes them to be.  Maybe they just suffer from celebrity entitlement, and are just regular people like you and me who tend to make bad decisions from time to time.

I can’t condone Columbus Short for domestic abuse towards his wife, or skipping out on court dates. But I do have a question that I would ask him if I had the opportunity…

Was the trip to Barbados worth having a criminal record?

What do you guys think?

Comment below.

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