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  1. Is this another Democrat sponsored spoof that is supposed to enrage a specific ethnic group against another? To pit one man or woman against another based on the same lies misdeeds and criminal activities of the Democrat Party that they have been ramming down the throats of all ethnic groups since THEY … YES THEY FOUNDED THE KKK? There will come a time when the vast majority of ALL AMERICANS will wake up to emboldened BS of the Liberal Left and kick all of the remaining leaders including George Soros out of this country for good. AND I FOR ONE SAY GOOD RIDDANCE TO THEM ALL!

  2. I’m looking for the owner of a photo of Billy Holiday on the web. She’s looking to her left with a flower in her hair. Your website is listed below the photo.

  3. Dear Editor,

    My name is Brian Allen and I am the owner and developer of a new site that is set to launch on June 8th 2017, the site is called newstoter.com. Newstoter is a news and entertainment portal with over 325 channels curating black news from America, Africa, Caribbean, and the United Kingdom. The site focuses primarily on African American related topics and features over 6 categories and 28 sub categories. In the past year my team has researched and studied the top black websites around the world and we have created a super news aggregator. The criteria for selecting companies involved came down to creating a specialized formula. Websites were picked from a number of factors, Alexa Rank, Page Rank, Content, Social Media Influence, and Search Engine Results. I would like to request your rss feed to be used on our site when it launches. We already have over a 100 companies who have committed to our new site. When newstoter.com launches it will be the largest black owned curator of black American news in the entire world. We are also creating social media accounts to further curate our channels content. Newstoter.com will not alter your rss feed and will only show an excerpt of an article prompting readers to continue reading the entirety of your article on your site.

    To see the site in action visit newstoter.com. If you would like for your rss feed to be used on our site please contact us at info@newstoter.com, with your site’s name and a yes or no.
    Thank you,
    Brian Allen


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