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“Cop Hating Hoochy Mama”: Fans React to Beyonce’s Performance At Country Music Awards

“Cop Hating Hoochy Mama”: Fans React to Beyonce’s Performance At Country Music Awards


by TRN Writers,

It was billed as a ground breaking, epic performance…when country music fans would be regaled by the Queen of R&B, hip-hop.  Instead, it turned into a mirror reflection of the racial hatred that’s fueled by this year’s presidential race.

Beyonce’s “Daddy Lessons” became a country crossover with its New Orleans-based trumpets, bluegrass tone and tinge of country melody.  Country music fans say the song sounds like something country singers Miranda Lambert or the The Dixie Chicks might have made.  The Dixie Chicks even did a cover of the song during one of their concerts. So it seemed like a good idea to have Queen Bey and the royalty of country meet on stage during country’s biggest night–The Country Music Awards (CMA’s).

As soon as news of Bey’s CMA’s performance leaked,  some country music fans began calling for a boycott.  One music fan wrote on Twitter…”Why in the world are they going to have Beyoncé on this show? I am boycotting the show for I do not support the cop-hating hoochy mama.”  Another fan reacted with this post:


Those irate country music fans didn’t even wait to see the performance before deciding Bey was crossing the line. Others at least waited to see the performance before judging…and the reviews were mixed on Twitter:

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Judging from the video, at least Matthew McConaughey and the live audience was into Bey’s performance.  Beyonce dominates the charts when it comes to R&B, hip-hop and pop music…does she really need to expand her fanbase to include the country genre?  Music is supposed to be the universal language that connects us all. Kudos to the CMA’s for trying something different, but one fan asked a question worth considering—“how would fans react if they saw a country music singer performing at the BET Awards?”


  1. Joy Hogue, she was invited by the CMA you dumb ass, just like there have been country artist at the BET Awards. Music is music regardless if it is rock, country, soul, jazz or whatever! What rock did you roll out from under??

  2. Don’t be surprised if country music stars like Trisha Yearwood or Taylor Swift perform at the BET Awards next year.


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