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Life, Career, Legacy: 6 Things Bill Cosby has Lost Because of Sex Scandal



by Kristina Byas

Bill Cosby has  found himself at the center of one of the biggest Hollywood sex scandals ever. Over the past few months, more than thirty women have accused the actor and  comedian of rape. While the public waits for the truth to be divulged, many have formed their own opinions about whether or not they think the star is guilty or innocent. This is not an unusual event, as many scandals have a similar response from the public.

Oftentimes when celebrities are involved in a scandal, it is not uncommon for them to lose fans, endorsements and experience a variety of losses because it is not a good idea to for people and businesses to be associated with them. The same has happened to Bill Cosby.

Here are six things Bill Cosby has lost because of the sex scandal.

download1-Disney Statue

Bill Cosby was honored with a bronze statue at Hollywood Studios theme park, but the  statue was recently removed. Disney has not yet commented on the statue’s removal, but one could speculate that it had something to do with the news of Cosby testifying in 2005 that he got prescriptions to Quaaludes so he could give them to women to have sex with them..


The-Cosby-Show-cast-on-pink-background-jpg_1902019_ver1.0_640_3602. Bounce TV & Centric Pull

“The Cosby Show” was one of Bill Cosby’s greatest accomplishments. It was watched and loved by many so much, that up until recently several networks, such as Bounce TV and Centric, played reruns. Fans of the show may have to find another way to see it because after the latest bombshell admission of his guilt and new rumors and allegations flying, both networks have decided to pull the reruns.


bill-cosby-temple3.Temple University

Cosby held a spot on Temple University’s board of trustees for 32 years before resigning in late 2014. This decision was not one made Cosby made right away, but with board of trustees being pressured by alumni and an online petition urging Temple to cut ties with the star, he finally resigned.


jscott3f-4-web4.Fan support-(Jill Scott)

It is not unusual for fans to turn against their favorite celebs when news surfaces about them committing a crime. For Bill Cosby, one fan he has lost is singer Jill Scott. Scott was a supporter of Cosby’s until the recent news of him admitting to using Quaaludes on women came to light.


Cosby-CAA5. Agent

Pretty much every star in Hollywood finds it necessary to find an agent when it comes to getting work, but due to this scandal, Cosby no longer has one. Cosby was signed to CCA, but they recently decided to cut ties with him in light of all of the rape allegations. He was only with CAA for three years, just signing with them 2012 after he left the William Morris Agency after 48 years.


635519860557429655-AP-PEOPLE-COSBY6. His good name

Cosby has been seen in a positive light for many years. People saw him as someone they could trust, so when the rape allegation started rolling in, this good image was tarnished and he will probably never get it back.


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