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Cosby Comeback:  Would You Watch A Bill Cosby Reality Show?

Cosby Comeback: Would You Watch A Bill Cosby Reality Show?


by Ms. Black Hollywood

Bill Cosby once ruled prime-time TV with a hit sitcom.  That was before his fall from grace as the first Hollywood heavy weight raked over the coals for sexual assault and rape accusations.

According to entertainment site Rollingout, Cosby is looking for a comeback and he’s shooting a reality show to do it. Rollingout says the 80 year old Cosby “has reportedly managed to go through most of his vast $500 million fortune in the last few years. And he is not working very much due to the fact that he’s been blacklisted from venues coast to coast because of his contaminated reputation and sullied brand name.”  The article says Cosby isn’t looking so much to recapture his fame as he’s looking to make enough money to pay his bills.  The article continues saying, “That being said, he really hopes this brand-new show will be able to get him enough money to pay down his legal bills…Right now, Bill has no other source of income. A documentary, perhaps for reality television, might sell, and that is what his team is trying to do,” an insider disclosed.”

The reality show pitch seems like a last hope for Cosby who may be thinking the reality route can’t be all bad—it landed Trump in the White House.  But Trump’s road to success is the polar opposite of Cosby. Trump’s “Celebrity Apprentice” kind of made him a household name  and the success of the show paved the way to the White House and fame.  Cosby worked the comedy circuit for years before landing TV and movie roles that built his career. After the sexual assault and rape charges, everything unvravel and has almost left him with nothing after decades of hard work.

Plus ,Reality Shows aren’t exactly the beacon of Hollywood, but more like the bottom rung of the ladder.  Cosby’s life has pretty much been a morbid reality show with wall to wall coverage as  almost 60 women eventually accused him of drugging, assaulting or raping them.  What could he possibly have to offer an audience that will make people tune in?  Maybe a show about rebuilding his life, but that hardly sounds like must see TV.

Reality shows can seem like fast, easy cash, but there are costs for reality stars as well.  The pressure to stay relevant, interesting and attract viewers often lead to story lines full of high drama, cat fights and just the underbelly of life.  All that negativity can lead to stress that doesn’t disappears when the cameras shut off.

What happened to people like The Situation from “Jersey Shore”, New York from “Flavor of Love” or all those kids from “19 Kids and Counting”?.  Well, no happy endings there.  The Situation headed to rehab after “Jersey Shore” ended in 2012.  The fame the show brought The Situation is still costing him according to Forbes which says he was hit with charges from tax problems last year and could face 10 years in prison.  The Duggar family that lived their life in front of the cameras as they raised 19 children also lead to devastation for the star family.   The oldest son Josh Duggar allegedly molested several young girls including four of  his own sisters.  TLC pulled the plug on the show in 2015 about two months after the secrets leaked out.

Reality shows are liked by networks because they’re cheap to make since you don’t have to pay exorbitant salaries to actors.  But Cosby might do better writing a book, going with a documentary or even a biopic.

What do you think…would you tune in to watch a Cosby reality show? Do you think his timing is way off in the midst of the current Hollywood landscape?