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“Cussing All the Way”-Omarosa’s  Rumored Firing Leads to Twitter Roasting

“Cussing All the Way”-Omarosa’s Rumored Firing Leads to Twitter Roasting


by G. Brown

Live by the sword, die by the sword.  Minister Omarosa Manigault might want to meditate over that verse for reflection after her shortlived stay at the White House as Trump’s Director of Communications.

The White House’s official statement according to press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders is that Omorosa resigned…and that’s the way Omarosa tells it also saying with the year anniversary of Trump’s inauguration approaching she wanted to focus on her marriage and travel to places where she’s not so well known like Europe.

But news outlets are telling a different version of what happened. According  ThatGrapeJuice’s  article, “Omarosa wants you think that she resigned from her post in Donald Trump‘s administration.The truth according to White House insiders? She was thrown out…literally.”

And apparently Omarosa didn’t go quietly according Business Insider, “Omarosa is alleged to have acted very vulgar and cursed a lot and said she helped elect President Trump…Manigault was reported escorted out of the White House and “off campus.”  Escorted?!I wonder if ‘escorted’ means ala Uncle Phil escorting Jazzy Jeff from Bel Air house style…



Omarosa strode into the White House on the coat tails of Trump who she first met as a contestant in 2004 on his reality show “The Apprentice”.  Somehow through the years, that relationship survived and 13 years later when Trump made a bid for the White House, Omarosa  re-surfaced as one of his staunch supporters and parlayed that into a job in his administration.  Most people still weren’t sure exactly what Omarosa’s job as “liason to contituents” really meant. The NY Daily News adds, “But there were many unanswered questions about her role in the administration and what she did on a day-to-day basis remained unclear. Manigault earned $179,700 a year and worked in the Eisenhower office building near the White House.”

Rumors of Omarosa’s  inevitable demise in the Trump White House began swirling in September.  She joins a revolving door of hires and appointees who didn’t last a year.  Some are speculating that Omarosa’s departure comes as the result of Roy Moore’s lost in Tuesday’s Alabama’s special election to fill the senate seat vacated by Jeff Sessions–a loss that came at the hands of a lot of Black female voters.

Whether Omarosa was fired or resigned, if she needs a shoulder to cry on, stay away from Twitter girl because they are celebrating your newly ‘unemployed’ status…

#BlackTwitter to @OMAROSA …and seriously we mean BYE! LIke don’t pass go or collect $200….just bye. pic.twitter.com/Mn5mGjgJPV

Wisdom says never to rejoice in another’s misery, but Twitter has thrown that sage advice out the window where it fell into traffic, got hit by a bus and dragged for miles.