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David Harewood Says Black British Actors Deal With Racism Too




The struggle is real, and not just in America. English actor David Harewood discussed in an interview the struggles that Black actors have in the United Kingdom of Great Britain as well.

America has made it pretty difficult for Black actors to get the recognition and opportunity that they deserve, but they push through to the top every now and again. Harewood says that there is actually more opportunity in America than there is in England.

“I think the business is much bigger here so there’s a lot more opportunity,” he said. “Which is why many, not just Black Brits, but many Brits tend to find that they have to leave England to kind of seek better roles, […].”

It is always said that Americans do not really understand the treasures they have compared to that of other countries—that we tend to take this country for granted because there is so much work here—but Black actors do not determine the level of struggle by country. Their race invites personal struggle no matter the location.

Harewood said that he is staggered by the amount of work there is whenever he comes to America, and he said that it took him about six years to get here.

“It’s just very difficult to get those more complex roles in the UK because they sometimes are a little bit two-dimensional or even one dimensional,” he says. “I just find that the characters here [in America] are just a bit more rounded and more grounded.”

The 48-year-old actor said it was pretty frustrating to have to go to America to succeed, and he is not the only British actor that has had to come here for their major success.

Actors such as Idris Elba and Thandie Newton have also come to America for more work.

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