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“Dear White People” Trailer Will Make You Laugh And Think!




Finally, a movie that explores (or exposes) the racism that exists between whites and blacks that effects the portrait of both ethnicities.  While the messages will probably be extremely potent, they will most likely be delivered in a subtle, comical way.  And this is just the trailer?  Perfect – Absolutely perfect!

The film came home from the Sundance Film Festival with an award win as well as racking up on critical acclaim. Zeba Blay’s (Shadow and Act) review calls it “the cinematic answer to the year of the ‘race-themed’ film”

This film is directed by first-time feature writer and director Justin Simien.  The college race relations comedy revolves around a student named Samantha and her radio show, and boy does she have a ton of jabs regarding racism and well, white people.

Here’s an example of a quote in the trailer: “Dear white people, a minimum requirement of black friends needed to not seem racist has just been raised to two.”

As funny as that was, that’s not even the best one.  The trailer has a grip of zingers and jabs that will actually make you think as well as laugh out loud.  But if that’s not enough to convince to witness this gutsy trailer, the film even takes a stab at Fox – yep, the Fox News channel – calling them racist!   And ou can believe that the delivery is dead-spot on unfortunately.

The movie also explores the ignorance of homosexuality.  I know at this point, I may sound redundant when I say “That’s not even the best part…of the trailer!” But really though.  Vince Vaughn’s character in the movie makes an anti-gay joke that riled up an attack from GLAAD, stating that they wanted the joke to be removed from the film.

This satire film of racism is going to turn heads.  It’s going to make people uncomfortable.  Most importantly, it’s going to open the eyes of many in regards to how racism controls the way we think about others – no matter how blatant or subtle.

Take a look for yourself! Watch the trailer here!

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