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Decades Later and the Truth Is Revealed: Her Lie Cost Emmett Till His Life

Decades Later and the Truth Is Revealed: Her Lie Cost Emmett Till His Life


by G. Brown

It’s the one story that makes people, especially Blacks shutter with grief and rage. The story of how 14 year old Emmett Till  was brutally killed will soon be a movie as JayZ and Will Smith were working to produce the project.  For more than 60 years, the story has been an undercurrent in the Black community—but often overlooked by history books and classes.

The NY Times recently ran an article on the woman whose accusations caused his murder. Carolyn Bryant Donham testified in court that the 14 year old “whistled at her”, “grabbed her” and made inappropriate comments of a sexual nature towards her.

Till was visiting family in Mississippi when his path crossed Donham’s at a local store where the child was buying bubble gum. Donham created an entirely false narrative that Jim Crow laws of 1955 allowed to push justice and reality out of the equation and fueled the hatred of two men who would kidnap, torture and kill the child in retaliation.  More than 60 years after his gruesome end, Donham admitted it was all a lie.

The truth came out when the Donham family contacted historical writer and Duke University professor Timothy B. Tyson who took the information and wrote a book, “The Blood of Emmett Till”—soon to be published. Tyson said in 2007, Donham finally confessed that she made up the whole story.  She admitted that Till never whistled at her, grabbed her, touched her hand or made any advances on her.  Donham was 72 when she finally admitted the truth.  She is now 82 years old and her family is keeping her current residence a secret as a means to protect her.

Tyson says Donham told him, “Nothing that boy did could ever justify what happened to him.”  Donham also said she “felt tender sorrow” for Till’s mother Mamie Till who died in 2003.  At the time of her son’s funeral Mamie Till insisted on having an open casket because she wanted the world to see how hatred left her son disfigured from torture almost to the point that he was unrecognizable.

Donham’s confession still sounds as though she is not taking responsibility for her part in the boy’s murder.  Her admission of “Nothing that boy did could ever justify what happened to him”–sounds like he did do something.  Donham also seems unattached and makes it sound like the boy was the victim of unfortunate circumstances rather than the victim of her lie.

Tyson was contacted apparently to help Donham write her memoirs setting her up to potentially profit once again from Till’s sacrifice if any of the money were to go to her or her family.

They say that history is written by the victors, but Donham proves it’s also written by liars, injustice and hatred. Donham’s confession isn’t really a bombshell to most people who could look at the story and see the lie.  How could a kid who used probably his only two-cents to buy bubble gum be mature enough to hit on a full grown woman of any color? But in the South in 1955, no one was looking for truth or justice.

Till’s murder was a major catalyst behind the Civil Right’s Movement,  but learning the truth now all these years after Till’s murder brings no peace, no relief, no sense of “justice finally”. Till’s sacrifice was still too horrible a price for a child to pay.  Donham didn’t reveal a reason why she lied, but is there any reason that would be justifiable? Her confession seems to only come from a woman who thinks she is safe now from any legal action or as the act of a woman who fears her own mortality may be soon be at hand.

Some think despite how long it took her to finally tell the truth, in wake of the racism that’s been reignited following Trump’s campaign and presidency, Donham’s story can help galvanize once again the fight for equality by reminding us that the past is never far enough behind us.

What do you think…are you relieved for the Till family and his memory that Donham told the truth finally? Or is this one secret that she should have taken to the grave?


  1. Justice for Emmitt Till would be to pull this murderous woman, carolyn bryant donham, from her hiding place, put her ass on trial for murder, and when she is found guilty, sentence this she devil to life in prison, without the possibility of parole! Even if she has one got-damn day to live, let her spend that last day in prison!

  2. For all of the black men who assume white women are pure perfect angles, you need to listen to the Ice Cube rap song, “Cave Bitch”

  3. By the way, the white men who lynched Emmett Till were found not guilty. If Emmett Till were still alive, he would have been seventy five years old. Rest in Heaven Emmett Till, you are a great American hero.

  4. “Tyson was contacted apparently to help Donham write her memoirs setting her up to potentially profit once again from Till’s sacrifice if any of the money were to go to her or her family.”

    This disgusting, devilish white woman finally admits that she lied because she wants to make money! She doesn’t care about Emmett Till, she doesn’t care that she aided in the lynching of a innocent black boy, she only cares about herself. Words can’t express how angry I am.

  5. This white woman lying about Emmett Till is more proof that we can not trust or integrate with white people. Black women please listen to me, white women hate you. Please stop trying to be friends with white female feminists. Look at what this white woman did to Emmett Till. A black woman’s 14 year old son was lynched due to a white woman lying in a court of law. For over four hundred years, white women have played a major role in the mass murder and lynching of black people. Sistas please remember Malcolm X’s statement, “White people are devils.” Carolyn Bryant Donham’s actions against Emmett Till was very devilish.

  6. Horrible ending to the life of an innocent child. Everything that was done to Emmett Till should be done to Carolyn Bryant Donham, and the men who perpetrated the gruesome murder of Emmett Till. Millions of people already knew Carolyn Bryant Donham’s version of events was all a lie. The facts are staring you right in the face. Carolyn Bryant Donham wanted her 15 minutes of fame. She wanted attention, even at the expense of an innocent child’s life. She knew it was all a lie, but yet she kept up the presence. White women have lied on black men and boys for hundreds of years. Confessing in her old age does not relieve her of murder. She is guilty and no matter how old she is now that the truth has been spoken by her own mouth, she is confessing to murder. She is a murderer and should be punished as such. Karma is a kicker and I hope she is feeling the weight of what she did to Emmett Till in full force. You can lie, you can run, you can hide, but you can’t escape karma.

  7. Brothers and sistas let us think about this for a second. Dozens of old white women accuse Bill Cosby of rape. The Bill Cosby rape accusations are the corporate news network’s top story nation wide for over a year. Bill Cosby’s reputation, life and legacy are shattered beyond repair.

    The truth has now been revealed that the white woman, Carolyn Bryant Donham lied about Emmett Till. Her lies resulted in his brutal lynching. The white corporate owned news networks are intentionally not reporting this story. This white woman will die with her legacy and reputation intact.

    A black man can be accused of hurting white women and the story will receive heavy, nation wide coverage from the corporate owned media. A white woman admitting she lied about a black boys lynching gets no media coverage. This is white supremacy at its worst. This proves that corporate owned news networks practice subjective, bias and racist journalism. This also proves that these corporate news network’s goal is to vilify the black man and protect and glorify the white woman. We need our own tv news stations ASAP. Thank God for websites like thereelnetwork.com, atlantablackstar.com, yourblackworld.com and blacksportsonline.com.

  8. She the one who lied on the young boy is now hiding from people because she is scared and her demons are haunting her. It is in the same manner of George Zimmerman who has to deal with his demons. This woman is now in her 80’s and may or may not have been enticed to claim what she claimed but she is still the one that is responsible for Emmett Till’s death and such a brutal death at that

  9. You Caucasian Amerikkkans 👱👩👨‍⚖️👮are a unstable, demonic ,satanic, uncivilized hateful evil scare people…I promise you ppl you will answer too THE MOST HIGH AHAYAH 🌫for all the HATEFUL and SHAMEFUL CRIMES you ppl done to HIS CHOSEN CHILDREN THE HEBREW ISRAELITES.👨🏾👩🏾


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