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Did You Know? Will Smith Was 1st Choice for “Django” Lead Role-Why He Turned It Down



By: Evette Champion

We all applauded Jamie Foxx for his role in Django: Unchained. The film was awarded two Oscars in 2013; director Quentin Tarantino for Best Original Screenplay and Christoph Waltz for Best Supporting Actor.

foxxDid you know that instead of seeing Jamie Foxx, we were supposed to see Will Smith as the lead of the movie? Take that in for a moment. The Fresh Prince as a gun wielding slave with a lot of vengeance on his mind.

It makes you wonder why he didn’t follow through with the decision. Smith tells The Hollywood Reporter:

“It was about the creative direction of the story,” Smith said. “To me, it’s as perfect a story as you could ever want: a guy that learns how to kill to retrieve his wife that has been taken as a slave. That idea is perfect. And it was just that Quentin and I couldn’t see [eye to eye].”

The pair would discuss the movie for several hours, but Smith couldn’t past the overall direction Tarantino wanted to go.

“I wanted to make that movie so badly, but I felt the only way was, it had to be a love story, not a vengeance story,” Smith said.

Smith wasn’t too keen on that violence, and could you blame him with the amount of… well, I don’t want to spoil it for anyone if you hadn’t seen it yet. He did say that he would have agreed to do the movie if it was a love story, “not a vengeance story.”

“We can’t look at what happens in Paris [the terrorist attacks] and want to f— somebody up for that. Violence begets violence. I just couldn’t connect to violence being the answer. Love had to be the answer,” Smith explained.

What do you think about that statement: “Violence begets violence… Love had to be the answer?” Do you really think that statement rings true? I don’t know… If someone hurts someone I love, I don’t think I could show them any kind of love, buy maybe that’s just me.

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