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Diddy Flexing On Comcast In Discrimination Fight




G. Brown

In these days when impeaching the president dominates headlines, a lot of important news is getting buried.  Like that little Twitter brawl between Sean “Diddy” Combs and Comcast Cable.

Comcast has been involved in a discrimination lawsuit filed by Byron Allen.  The former comedian, talk show host turned Entertainment Studio owner filed a $20 billion race discrimination lawsuit against Comcast along with the National Association of African Owned Media claiming the country’s largest cable provider refused to carry Allen’s channels which include programming like Emmy-winning “Cars”   “America’s Court with Judge Ross” and “Comics Unleashed”.

Allen claims Comcast ignored his fairly successful channels and programming and “chose to carry ‘lesser-known, white-owned’ networks such as FitTV and the Outdoor Channel…”(REVOLT TV)

The case has been locked in the courts since 2015 and has now made its way to the Supreme Court.

Comcast refutes the charges of discrimination and offered up its inclusion of ‘REVOLT TV” as proof that the company is not racist.  Sean “Diddy” Combs owns.

This is where Diddy decided to speak his truth to power.


Diddy called Comcast out for its “legal tactics” and punctuated the call out with “This is not Ok.

It was a bold and boss move by Diddy because to ignore what Comcast was trying to pull could have impacted future cases of discrimination.  Diddy added, “If they [Comcast] are successful, it will become much harder for any victim of discrimination to seek justice in court.”

Comcast execs thought they’d play the race card and it backfired because of a wild card named
Diddy.  The man’s channel is called ‘REVOLT’—Comcast tried it and now they know better.

You have to commend Diddy.  Sure in the short run, he could have stayed quiet or negotiated a new deal that benefited only him.  But with an emphatic, ‘leave me out of your mess’ attitude, Diddy actually helped not just Allen’s fight, but all discrimination cases.  That is commendable when you think about certain celebs who always have a ‘how will this make me more money’ motive. That could have been Diddy’s motive as well, but at least he’s still benefitting the Black community in a collateral damage kind of way.

Maybe Allen and Diddy should chat with Tyler Perry and formed their own cable company.




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    November 27, 2019 at 7:05 pm

    No comment

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    NBA is fixed

    November 25, 2019 at 5:18 pm

    Somebody tell Byron Allen that you can not defeat a multi billion dollar white owned corporation if you have the white man’s daughter living inside of your house.

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