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Dirty Politics:Death Threats For DuVernay Over Democratic Candidate




by G. Brown

The Democratic process is a thing of beauty when it works.  When it doesn’t work you get the toxic waste that’s been spilling into director Ava DuVernay’s life this weekend.

The “Selma”, “When They See Us” and “A Wrinkle In Time” director was targeted with toxic tweets for voicing her opinion and frustration on the Democratic presidential primary.  DuVernay posted,

Immediately, ‘Bernie Bro’s’ started filling up DuVernay’s timeline.  Among a more civilized response was someone who felt they needed to ‘Bernie-splain’ the intricacies of Bernie’s grassroots plans to the multi-award-winning director and writer. DuVernay responded she understands, she simply doesn’t agree.  that simple “I Don’t Agree” was enough to unleash some of the most abased and ridiculous comments from alleged Bernie supporters…
















Some even reportedly threatened DuVernay’s life over her comments.  Is it me or are people overreacting here?  DuVernay didn’t come out with guns blazing saying ‘DON’T VOTE FOR BERNIE!!’ She stated a bit of confusion over the whole political process thus far.  If you’ve been trying to keep up with the game so far, you’re probably confused as well…one day Biden is the golden boy—oops, no it’s Warren—no, don’t look now it’s the Yang Gang—oops Yang’s out—Bernie is now the boy!

Look, these are definitely political times that try men’s and women’s souls but is that any reason to shut down civilized discourse by canceling and bullying people because their opinion differs from yours?

Some of these responses aren’t even from real people but bots designed to slide into conversations to spread as much hate and vitriol as possible. Sadly, real people who don’t understand when they’re being set up by opposing parties and jump right in to add their two cents worth— that is usually worthless.

It’s hard to believe that people are going this deep and using this to question DuVernay’s on her blackness.  This woman’s entire career has primarily been dedicated to uplifting a race of people by documenting injustices and calling attention to those wrongs.  She’s advocated for both Blacks and women in an industry that still sidelines them for the most part.  But people are willing to throw all her accomplishments aside because her political views don’t line up with theirs?

That’s not democracy people…that’s damn crazy.


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