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Don’t Blame Obama-Blame Oprah: White Woman Says Trump is Oprah’s Fault



by G. Brown

Maybe it was a joke, but you know what they say about every joke having a little bit of truth.  In this case, very little truth.

A White, female comedian named Nikki Glaser tweeted recently, “Did Oprah ever speak out against Trump? Are we angry that she didn’t? It really could’ve helped w/that 53% of white women who voted for him.” Glaser tweet probably was meant to be funny….but, soooooo many people didn’t see the humor. Glaser probably stopped laughing when all the push back called her out on her B.S:












In case you didn’t read all of the posts, let me summarize and paraphrase for you—“No, oh hell no!”  A lot of women, especially Black women aren’t letting White women dump Trump at their doorstep. And there are stats to back them up.

According to, a whopping 94% of Black women supported the Democratic  candidate.  Not as many Black men voted for Hillary Clinton, but it was still the majority with 80% of them supporting her.  When it comes to how many Blacks voted for Trump…the numbers pale in comparison with only 4% of Black women actually voting the Republican ticket and 13% of Black men supported Trump. Clinton also won the majority of the Latino vote earning 68% of Latina women and 62% of men.

Days after the election as the shock set in, people began conjuring up reasons why Clinton lost—many of them blamed Black voters for not turning out in large enough numbers like they did in the previous two presidential races.  But when you tally the numbers and try to figure out who killed the Dems chances of returning to the White House, the smoking gun is in the hands of White women with 54% of them supporting Trump. There were certainly other factors and ultimately, the person who lost the race for Hillary was Hillary, but in no way can you decide that the Black vote was the problem.

A lot of Glaser’s critics spell it out…White women always want Black women to support their causes, but they don’t seem capable or willing to do the same.  The comedian’s logic is that White women listen to Oprah and if she took a stand against Trump, White women would have listened and not voted for him.  Now if Black women had enough intelligence to listen to the man’s rhetoric he was sputtering on the campaign trail and know not to support him, why didn’t White women do the same? This is more of people not owning their actions. If the words coming out of his mouth didn’t convince them, would Oprah’s words have made any difference?  White women supported Trump because they wanted to– Organizing Women marches and protests after the fact won’t get him out of office.

Most of us have accepted the election and are moving forward, but comments like what the comedian posted assume that we also accept “alternative facts” as truth. BTW, the comedian got such backlash on her post, she took it down.  She tried it…and got owned by people willing to stand up and tell the truth.

What do you think….was it just a comedian trying to make us laugh? Or is this typical, blame Obama, blame Oprah, blame everyone except yourself?

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