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Drama? Obama Denied Jimmy Kimmel Appearance




Yesterday, fans were hoping to see America’s coolest president of all time on the Kimmel Show. However, despite the rumors of President Obama’s special appearance his scheduled arrival had been cancelled.

The question is why?

Some of the fans took to Twitter to express their disappointment:

“Obama has canceled his appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Show. Must be going to Letterman or The View to be ‘eye candy’.” Said @kerryepp.

“WH cancels Obama scheduled appearance on @jimmykimmel slated for Wednesday, @edhenryTV reports.” Tweeted schwandtk

@BretBaier:  Wow things must be tough for Obama to cancel Kimmel. I’ve never been more embarrassed by a USA president…ever. (retweeted by @itsallgoodonok)

@JonahNRO tweeted “Unforeseen fundraiser get in the way? RT @gretawire: Pres Obama just canceled his Jimmy Kimmel appeance this week.”

Was it really a fundraiser that prevented Obama from his Jimmy Kimmel appearance?

Well, according to “ABC network sources,” Obama would travel to the El Capitan theatre on Hollywood Boulevard to tape a “partly serious” segment on the Kimmel show.  Sources at the LAPD reportedly confirmed to TMZ that the president would be at the studio starting at 3 PM for one hour. Meanwhile the president was scheduled to attend a fundraiser at the home of Scandal creator Shonda Rhimes in Los Angeles that Wednesday night.

Suddenly, ABC is officially denying the report and calling the news “inaccurate.” They started saying Obama was “not booked on the show.” The Kimmel Show gave TMZ the same response, saying “Obama will not be appearing on the show Wednesday.”

Obama has been on the David Letterman Show, as well as Jimmy Fallon, but never the Jimmy Kimmel Show. It’s possible that there was a mistake on somebody’s part.  Maybe Obama was scheduled for a later date on The Kimmel Show.  Or, they could be trying to cover something up.

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