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Drama: Due To Pregnant groupie, Child Support madness Ciara Calls Wedding Off




Just when we thought that Ciara was living in jubilant bliss with her soon-to-be hubby and new baby boy, outside sources reveal shocking information that suggest that her fairytale story may not be so blissful.

Rapper Future has been hit with child support for a 10-year-old son with his ex-girlfriend and model Jessica Smith.

Smith and Future made an agreement last year that required the rapper to pay a monthly amount of $1,662 based on his monthly income of $16,515, but Smith recently re-submitted the child support papers claiming that Future was lying about his monthly income.

Now Future has to pay Smith $2,800 a month—the money will come directly out of his checks. The 30-year-old rapper also has to pay $3,952 in back payments. Talk about expensive!

There were also rumors of Future having another baby on the way in addition to little Future Zahir Wilburn whom he had with CiCi.

According to International Business Times, Future cheated on CiCi with a long-time mistress, and now he is expecting a child with her. The mistress’ allegedly goes by @_ImGorJess on Instagram and Twitter and has been posting things that may confirm that the two have been hooking up even while CiCi was still pregnant with little Future.

These allegations have definitely taken a toll on Future and Ciara’s engagement. There have been many rumors about the two calling off their engagement, but Ciara has not confirmed the split.

What she has confirmed, though, is that she called off the wedding. She even went on a trip to Ibiza, and sources saw the singer without her engagement ring! Can we say trouble in paradise?

Everything has happened so fast for the two stars. Love, engagement, a baby, and then infidelity—what a plot twist.

We hope that these two can pull it together.

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