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Dream Team- Steph Curry, Diddy & Kap on Carolina Panthers Ownership

Dream Team- Steph Curry, Diddy & Kap on Carolina Panthers Ownership


by G. Brown

The Carolina Panthers knows something about beating the odds. They were the underdog heading into Sunday’s match up against Green Bay and to make matters worst, the Packers welcomed Aaron Rodger’s back after he broke his collarbone in Week 6. But Rodgers wasn’t enough to help his team take down the Panthers who sent the Packers packing with a 31-24 loss and snatched away their dreams of making the playoffs.

Football pundits say the Panthers are looking good for the playoffs.  Carolina is also looking good to a particular hip hop music mogul who’s shopping around for a pro team of his own. Diddy has talked about his dream of owning a team and in this season where everyone has a Christmas wish, he’s wishing harder than ever since Panthers owner Jerry Richardson is looking to the sell the team now that he’s under investigation for “workplace misconduct”. After the big win over the Packers on Sunday, Richardson officially announced that his team is up for sale saying in a statement, “I believe that it is time to turn the franchise over to new ownership“.

As soon as  Richardson’s statement was released, Diddy made a statement of his own on twitter…

Diddy wanted people to ‘spread the word’ and it spread to NBA star player Steph Curry who responded…

Diddy might need to rely on prayer to really pull this endeavor off.  Forbes Magazine estimates the Carolina Panthers worth at roughly $2.3 billion    Diddy’s a big baller, but not quite that big with a Fortune Magazine estimated worth of about $820 million in 2017.  Diddy’s response to Curry of give him a call sounds like he may be looking for some investors.  And he might want to give Colin Kaepernick a call as well.  The embattled NFL pro has been iced out of the league following his racial inequality protest which has motivated a nation, but not motivated any teams to offer him a contract.  Kap jumped in on the conversation tweeting…

Not just pro-athletes were joining in the convo…football and music fans weighed in as well…

Yeah, that last guy is pretty tone deaf. Diddy already said if buying the Panthers happens for him, he’ll make this happen…”I will immediately address the Colin Kaepernick situation and put him in the running for next year’s starting quarterback…It’s just competition, baby. It’s just competition.”

It’s sad, this whole conversation immediately escalated into a race conflict.  This isn’t about being a fan of Diddy or not. An African American owner would be a good move in diversifying the league in the boardrooms as well as on the field. Being the showman that he is, Diddy could help stimulate other industries like music and movie industries to help Charlotte broaden its cosmopolitan appeal and live up to the regal moniker of the Queen City that it’s known as by locals.

Some doubt that Diddy is serious and think this is just a PR stunt.  Others doubt he can come up with the couple of billions in cash it’ll take to make the deal happen.  He’s got until the end of the season to make it happen if he’s serious.  In the meantime, the idea of the first African American to own an NFL team is still just a dream.