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There’s no doubt that you’ll know all these actors on the list – but did you know these interesting facts about some of Hollywood’s elite?

1. Most of us might know Diahann Carroll from her role on the hit show Dynasty – but did you know she was the first African American woman to star in her own show? She starred as a nurse and widow in the show Julia – where she won an Emmy award. The only woman since then to star in a primetime network show is Kerry Washington on Scandal.

2. Ms. Carroll had several marriages-but her most famous union is to Italian singer Vic Damone.

3. Along with her late husband Ossie Davis, Ruby Dee served as emcee of the March on Washington, where Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. delivered his famous I have a Dream speech.

4. Cicely Tyson was raised by an extremely religious mother and when she got her first acting role, her mother kicked her out of the house.

5. Sidney Poitier lied about his age so he could join the Army at 16. He feigned insanity to obtain a discharge after nine months, and later admitted the ruse in his autobiography, “Measure of a Man.”

6. Nineteen-year-old David Hampton pretended to be “the son of Sidney Poitier” and convinced wealthy New Yorkers to provide him with food, clothing, money and a place to stay. Hampton is charged with grand larceny when his lies are discovered. “Six Degrees of Separation,” a stage play in 1990, and a movie in 1993 starring Will Smith, is based on the story.

7. Cicely Tyson was married to famous musician Miles Davis from 1981-1988.

8. Ruby Dee’s mother left her family at an early age to have an extramarital affair. Ruby’s stepmother, who was a school teacher, introduced her to music and theatre.

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