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Embrace Your ‘flaws’ like This Top Model




Chantelle Brown-Young (whose real name is Winnie)  has become a role model to women everywhere, encouraging being completely comfortable in your own skin. Young has recently been accepted to be on America’s Next Top Model cycle 21 which was an industry changing decision because she suffers from Vitiligo, a skin disease that effects pigmentation.

The modeling industry is about perfection, things have the be aesthetically pleasing and Vitiligo may not be some peoples idea of perfection, But that isn’t stopping Young. She knows despite her slight imperfection, she can rock the competition, she just wants to be given the chance. Young is nineteen and hails from Canada but is Jamaican, which makes her even more interesting. She aspires to represent people who suffer from the condition by becoming what she calls a Vitiligo spokesmodel.

It is obvious, that Tyra Banks loves to create controversy within the fashion industry by accepting people on her show who would not be embraced on any other platform. A few seasons ago a beautiful transsexual named Isis gave the LGBT community hope when she was accepted onto the show.

The possibilities are endless in this competition for Chantel, not because of her skin condition.

She has revealed a certain beauty that is much greater than looks.

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