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Are Black People Ready? Empire’s Gay Kiss Sends Ratings Plummeting




FOX’s hit series Empire proved that some things can take a little while to get used to, like the image of two gay lovers kissing on TV.  We’ve seen it before in other shows, but for some reason, Black people aren’t quite ready for it yet.

‘Empire’ creator Lee Daniels wasn’t too happy with the test audiences that disapproved of 2 men smooching onscreen.  After actor Jussie Smollett (Jamal) kissed his onscreen boyfriend Rafael de La Fuente (Michael) in an intimate scene, Washington Post entertainment reporter Cecilia Kang reported that the ratings “plummeted.”

“The test audiences they showed this to…the ratings plummeted,” Kang said. “They did not like that scene at all.”

Despite the negative reaction, Daniels, who is openly gay, decided to ignore it and press on with his agenda.  Daniels blames this plummet in ratings on what he’s calling the ongoing “homophobia” within the Black community.

The 55 year-old director calls the Black race insulting and ignorant, asserting that Blacks are the only ones who have a problem with two men kissing onscreen.  Little does he know that there is an opposition and disapproval of the homosexual lifestyle in all races and nationalities.

Although it is suggested in the series that Jamal is a homosexual character, maybe it was just a shock to the audiences to actually watch the first gay kiss in the series, as there have been none in the recent episodes.

Many people in the Black community especially believe that he is forcing the homosexual lifestyle among African-Americans.   There are people who believe that Daniels’ agenda is similar to a personal vendetta.  It’s possible that experiencing negative responses to gay life is a way of proving the reason behind his frustration and resentment towards Black people.

This may or may not be his true intention.  But why is he so adamant about pressing his homosexual agenda on the Black community?

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