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Ex-Reality Star Talks Suicide After Nasty Trademark Battle With Tyler Perry




Well all good things…and not so good things, must come to an end. The nasty battle of Trademark rights between mega director, Tyler Perry and ex-reality TV star, Kim Kearney, a.k.a. “Poprah” is officially over, ending in the favor of Perry.

For those who don’t know the story, back in 2008 Kearny was working in production for a TV show with some of Tyler Perry’s colleagues.  She reached out to them to get the chance to pitch an idea for a Christian oriented TV show called, What Would Jesus Do to their accomplished friend. After a few emails, Kearney was sent confirmation that Perry had received her official pitch.

Four months later, without responding to Kearny, Tyler Perry tried to apply to gain trademark rights to the show title, What Would Jesus Do, but ran into a bind. Kim Kearney had already applied and obtained rights to the trademark for the title, blocking Perry’s application. That was far from the end of that story. Fast forward 6 years later to present time, and a ruling was finally made that Perry be awarded trademark rights on the agreement Perry’s attorneys made back on June 20 that Kearney had not developed a show for the title and the alleged website she created for it was not working.

The over-the-top former contestant on Vh1’s I Want to Work for Diddy and star of her own series, Ask Poprah on Alright TV did not take the upsetting defeat light-heartedly. She took to social media with talk of suicide, hypocrisy, and what something like this says about the image and brand that Tyler Perry seems to project in the public eye. Kearney accused Perry and his attorneys of bullying her and pushing her out of a possible network deal for her TV show.

Kearny released this emotional statement via facebook talking of her contemplation of suicide.

This @tylerperry case had me CONSIDERING SUICIDE. Guess what? HE WOULDN’T EVEN CARE-cuz its all about MONEY & POWER to him! No Jesus in it! My show was 2 bring ppl 2 Christ-I lost a NTWK deal cuz TYLER PERRY interfered-fightn this by myself w/o atty let him steal it! FELT LIKE I FAILED GOD! Having someone u trusted/admired steal frm u-feels lk bein raped, robbed, cheated, betrayd all n 1-U can’t imagine #ithurts It’s easy to say, just move on, it’s only a name. But it’s not. It’s someone robbing you of a vision, a dream, a purpose, and unlike most names, JESUS name is EVERYTHING. So that’s why I fought, that’s why it so IMPORTANT, and to know my missing a deadline, allowed this DEVIL who promotes things that are SO UNGODLY, so ANTI-CHRIST,steals it, makes me feel like a failure. I’m just keeping it 100. I plan to go on, keep fighting, but its not easy. And having the press mis-tell the story, twist it, and some ppl even happy this man got away with this is, heartbreaking too. Yes, I’m trusting God to be glorified in the end. But I’m still human, and still can’t believe he won, at least for now. This world is really twisted, and the more I think about it and see my name all over the news as a person who failed GOD-is just… I can’t even put it in words. There are none.”

This messy ordeal definitely makes us question the character of Tyler  Perry, especially because of his uber religious background. Several Perry’s productions are successfully supported on television such as The Haves and the Have Nots and Love Thy Neighbor.A scandal like this makes us ask the question, What Would Jesus Do?

He probably would have let Kearney have her show.

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