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Fans Mourn the Loss of Comedian Charlie Murphy



by G. Brown

   He was best known as the big brother of superstar Eddie Murphy.  But Charlie Murphy didn’t just follow in his famous brother’s footsteps nor linger in his shadow, he carved out his own path.

The comedian who made so many laugh is the reason so many are shedding a tear this Wednesday as news of his death shocked fans.  Murphy’s manager says the comedian passed away Wednesday in a New York City hospital after a long battle with leukemia.  Murphy was 57.

While his little brother Eddie rose to fame on “Saturday Night Live” creating character skits like Mr. Robinson’s neighborhood, Who Shot Buckwheat and James Brown in the hot tub, the older Murphy brother wouldn’t see mainstream success until more than a decade later when fellow comedian Dave Chappelle gave him a shot on his highly rated hit show on Comedy Central. Like his younger sibling, Charlie had the gift of making people laugh by creating some unforgettable characters and skits like the Prince vs. Chappelle cast basketball game, the infamous “I’m Rick James B**ch and his character role in the Players Haters Ball were among the most adorned bits Chappelle ever performed.  Murphy also worked on “The Boondocks”, “The Players Club”, “Night at the Museum”,  and made his actin debut in the film “Harlem Nights” alongside his brother Eddie.

 As fans mourn, many expressed shock never aware that Murphy was even sick. Sources say Murphy had been battling illness since 2009.  This photo was supposedly taken of Murphy last year when many who saw him suspected something was wrong.But the funny man seemed very aware that his time on this plane was drawing too a close…his last tweet on Tuesday said simply…


Fans are not bearing the burden of grief alone, the comedy world has lost some of its joy following the comedian’s death.  Everyone from Chris Rock to D.L. Hughley are reaching out via social media to share heartfelt thoughts about the man many call ‘one of the funniest brothers ever’…

























Even the U.S. Department of Defense tweeted it’s sorrow and salute to Murphy who served in the Navy from 1978 to 1983.


Murphy was said to be surrounded by family when he passed.  He is survived by his wife Tisha Taylor Murphy and three children.

TRN extends our deepest condolences to the Murphy family, friends and fans of Charlie Murphy.  Rest in paradise Mr. Murphy …R.I.P.





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