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First Reel Look: Jamie Foxx ‘Moving On Up’ & Will Smith “Gemini Man”




by G. Brown

“Moving On Up” By Going Back to the 70s  It’s inevitable these days.  With so many networks, video channels, and streaming services trying to provide content, reboots of classic shows are kind of a given.  Next up on the reboot roster-“The Jeffersons” the 70s hit sitcom will be introduced to an entirely new generation this spring.  Essence Magazine says  “Jamie Foxx and Wanda Sykes have already been named as the new George and Weezy of The Jeffersons in the upcoming prime-time special...”  Sherman Hemsley and Isabel Sanford starred in the original as a Manhattan-bound rich Black family that owned a chain of dry-cleaners. The revival of the show will be part of a “one-night-only live special featuring stars in the roles we loved“.  The network is also revisiting the show that led to the “The Jeffersons” spinoff-“All in the Family” with Woody Harrelson starring as Archie Bunker. If seeing Weezy and George together again is on your must-see TV list, be sure to tune in to ABC in May for “The Jeffersons” special.

Yvette Nicole Brown’s “Always a Bridesmaid”  Actress Yvette Nicole Brown has built a solid acting career on laughs.  Whether it’s as a pitchwoman on a commercial or as Shirley Drake on the hit NBC sitcom “Community”,  her comedic timing always nailed the character. Her next role is behind the camera as executive producer for a film she also wrote.  “Always a Bridesmaid” is an indie film that follows Corina James and her endless carousel of being a bridesmaid to all her friends and family.  Corina sees others find love but starts to wonder if love– and marriage– is for everyone, especially her?  Brown plays a supporting role in the film alongside Jordan Calloway (“Black Lightning”), Richard Lawson (“How Stella Got Her Groove Back”) and Telma Hawkins (“Family Matters”).  No word on release dates.  The film is currently shooting in LA.

Will Smith’s Biggest Enemy Is Himself  Will Smith’s movies often seem to come out in pairs.  The last time audiences saw big Will on the big screen was back in 2016 when he starred in both “Suicide Squad” and “Collateral Beauty”.  2019 promises to bring us at least another double box office dose of Smith. His “Gemini Man” with the help of some Hollywood magic and computer wizardry even offers us a double dose of Smith. Smith stars as Henry Brogen– an aging assassin who is targeted by a younger cloned version of himself.  After two decades of chatter, Skydance Media bought the film rights from Walt Disney Pictures and hired director Ang Lee to breath life into the sci-fi thriller.   Clive Owen(“Close My Eyes” and Benedict Wong (“Doctor Strange”, “Avengers” Infinity War”) join Smith on screen. The film hits theaters in October, until then here’s your First Reel Look at Will Smith in “Gemini Man”.

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  1. Avatar

    marcus davis

    April 24, 2019 at 11:00 pm

    Not a big fan of Wil Smith but the trailer looks good i may check it out when it comes out.

  2. Avatar

    Shawn J.

    April 24, 2019 at 3:43 pm

    When that new Will Smith movie comes out in theaters, I’m most definitely going to watch!!

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