Home Celebrities Folding Buck Knife Found at OJ’s Old Estate: Does It Even Matter Now?
Folding Buck Knife Found at OJ’s Old Estate: Does It Even Matter Now?

Folding Buck Knife Found at OJ’s Old Estate: Does It Even Matter Now?


By: Evette Champion

Thanks to the FX series about the OJ Simpson case, it seems like the powers that be want to beat this thing into the ground.

According to TMZ, a construction worker discovered the knife buried on the outskirts of the Simpson estate as it was being demolished years ago, although the exact date is questionable, as there are differing stories: some say it was found in 1998 when the house was demolished and some say it was discovered “several years ago”.


It appears that the construction worker took the knife to an LAPD police officer and told him where he found the knife. The cop took the knife and apparently kept it. After all these years, no one knew about the knife. That is, until the cop in question retired from the LAPD and he contacted a friend who worked in the Robbery Homicide Division, where he told the friend about the knife and wanted to frame it. He asked the friend for the Departmental Record number for the Nicole Brown Simpson/Ronald Goldman murder case, which he wanted to have engraved on the frame.

Of course, the friend to whom the request was made told his superiors and they demanded the knife be turned over—which it was.

image125Supposedly the testing of the knife is top secret. It can’t be that much of a secret if we know about it. But anyway… The knife is being tested for fingerprints and hair and this week it will be handed over to the Serology unity where it will be tested for biological and other DNA evidence.

Whatever they do find, one thing remains true—OJ cannot be prosecuted again for the crime because of double jeopardy. So, even if they find evidence that it was the murder weapon and his DNA and fingerprints are on the knife… Well… He really could have gotten away with murder.

What do you think? Does it even matter at this point? Does the public care what happened on that day when Nicole and Ron were murdered, or is it old news only being made relevant thanks to a television show retelling the story?


  1. Brothers and sistas when you get a chance, go to youtube and look at Tariq Nasheed’s show on the OJ scandal. By the way Tariq Nasheed is the producer and director of Hidden Colors 1,2, and 3.

  2. This is what will happen when this younger generation doesn’t keep up with current events dateline : this story has been reported on more than one occasion since OJ Simpson’s 10/ 3 / 1995 acquittal of the double knife murder of his ex – Nicole Brown Simpson and her erstwhile paramour Ron Goldman the double murder which occurred the previous year 6/ 12/ 1964 !!! Whenever white people are allegedly murdered by a black person(s) and subsequently acquitted by a jury white people are greatly f**cking offended ! But when Georg ‘Krakkkerkasian’ Zimmerman murdered Trayvon Martin these ‘righteous’ good ole’ white folks simply shrugged and muttered ; ‘ everyone entitled to their day in court ‘, woe unto Amerikkka !!!!!

  3. I bet my next paycheck someone planted that knife. Amerikkka is a country built on 240 years of lies. Amerikkka continues to lie about the OJ trial. OJ did not kill Nicole Brown Simpson and Ron Goldman. Drug dealers killed those two. OJ was sick and tired of paying Nicole’s six figure cocaine bill. The white mainstremedia doesn’t talk about this. Faye Resnik confirmed that Nicole Brown Simpson was a big time cocaine addict. Ron Goldman just happened to be there which is why he was killed. Amerikkka continues to spread the lie of OJ being a murderer for two reasons; one this country hates black people (Especially black men). Two, TO MAKE MONEY! A lot of white people became rich and famous off of the OJ scandal. Brothers and sistas remember your history, how many black men have been lynched and high tech lynched because a black man screwed around with a white woman? How many black men have been lynched because they were falsely accused of touching a white woman? OJ is innocent, he is not a killer! Nicole Brown Simpson was a cocaine addict, but the media won’t report that.


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