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For Everyone Who Thought Beyonce Was NEVER Preggo.. You May Be Right!




If you’re a celebrity and you have a newborn, watch out.  This woman wants to be a celebrity “baby-mama” so bad.  Recently, Tina Seals has filed a maternity suit against Beyonce, claiming that she is the REAL mother of Blue Ivy.  Is this woman serious?

Unfortunately, it appears so.  She’s claiming in the court documents that she was “previously associated” with the Carters, and is asking to “verify whether she is the biological mother.”Tina Seals

So, wait:  You mean to tell me that all it takes for possible verification of biological status is “previously associating” with celebrities?  Since when does associating with anyone lead to questionable maternal verification?

However, if you look at her history, it’s not surprising.   This woman is on the hunt for almost everyone. She’s previously filed similar suits to claim North West from Kim Kardashian and Kanye West. And you know she’s full of it because she didn’t even know that North West is a baby girl! This is what she wrote to describe her desired monetary compensation:

“Stipulation + Negotiable money judgment OR Record Deal for my 22 year old son w/ Kanye West.”

You might be thinking that it’s because Kimye associates frequently with the Carters…Nope. She’s gunned for Mariah Carey too, along with Janet Jackson regarding Michael Jackson’s kids, Prince, Paris, and Blanket.  She even tried her luck with the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge.

This woman has taken the term “groupie” to a whole different level.  Why can’t she have her own kids?  I wonder if the Carters are paying her even the slightest bit of attention, while dealing with their divorce rumors and such.  But this isn’t the first escapade that’s taken place with the Carters, a couple of weeks ago, a nobody rapper named Liz tried to imply that she was sleeping with Jay-Z…by not sleeping with Jay-Z?

Anyway, I hope this lady gets back to her senses.  Comment and share below.

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