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Forget Singing and Acting:Ray J’s $31 Million Deal Plugs Him into Future Tech

Forget Singing and Acting:Ray J’s $31 Million Deal Plugs Him into Future Tech


by TRN Staff Writers,

When Brandy’s little brother first announced his digital upstart two years ago, quite a few people probably laughed.  But these days, Ray J is getting the last laugh and he’s laughing all the way to the bank.

Business Wire says Ray J has closed a $31 million dollar deal that will launch his  Raycon–electric transportation brand.  The company will produce what Ray J describes as electric transportation designed to “meet the everyday needs of the urban technophile“.  Ray J first tapped into the market with the production of his Scoot-E-Bike—the foldable, two-wheeled electric bike reaches top speeds of 20 miles per hour and can travel as far as 30 miles per charge.

Most of the world first met Ray J as he stood in his big sister’s shadow on her show “Moesha”, but he started acting long before his 1999 role as Dorian.  When he was only eight years old, the younger Norwood was already on the grind with bit roles in TV commercials.  He landed his first role on a sitcom in ’93 on “The Sinbad Show”.

Acting wasn’t Ray J’s only talent.  At the age of 14, Ray J inked a contract at Elektra Records and released his debut alum “Everything You Want” that same year. Even though one of his songs made it to the film “Set It Off soundtrack, the album wasn’t a chart topper and the budding singer was dropped by the label.  Still determined to sing, Ray J teamed up with sister Brandy to record “Another Day in Paradise” which charted better especially overseas. Ray J would record two more alums with only one (“Raydiation”) producing a single that cracked Billboard’s top 20.

With the singing portion of his career stalled, Ray J went back to acting taking a part in 2005’s “One On One” where he again was cast in his sister’s shadow. But it would be another two years before the struggling actor would find infamy  when a sex tape with former girlfriend Kim Kardashian was leaked to the public. The following year Ray J released another album and finally reached the top three with his single “Sexy Can I”.

Ray J continued trying to make Hollywood his main gig with a couple of reality shows and more music, until a couple of years ago when he changed his trajectory and focused on technology.

His new deal with Cowboy Wholesale secured the funds to help the con Raycon CEO take his products worldwide.  For a while there, it looked like Ray J was headed down a dead end road in the Hollywood shuffle searching for fame down paths that led to sex tapes, public beefs with other celebs and a few lawsuits, but it looks like the 36 year old has his head on straight.  Ray J says, “I finally now can transition from music and TV…At some point, you gotta branch out of that and start taking some money that you make and investing it in something that could be profitable, or take a loss, you know, whatever it is. It can’t be Groundhog Day in an entertainment world.”