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Free at Last, Free At Last: O.J Simpson Granted Parole

Free at Last, Free At Last: O.J Simpson Granted Parole


by TRN Staff Writer,

O.J. Simpson says he’s been famous since he was 19 years old.  But the former football star and movie actor has spent the last 20 years infamous following the murder of his former wife, his trial and acquittal in her murder and then imprisonment on armed robbery and kidnapping charges.

On Thursday, Simpson was given his freedom and granted parole by a four-person Nevada Board of Parole Commissioners.  When the unanimous decision was reached by the commissioners, the 70 year old Simpson looked down briefly as if to compose himself and then could be seen saying “thank you, thank you” to the parole board.

The man who was nicknamed “The Juice” has been locked behind bars at the Lovelock Correctional Center since 2008 when he was convicted of the felonies after he and a group of men took sports memorabilia from the Palace Station hotel-casino. Simpson later confessed to taking the sports items  and other memorabilia that he said was his, but denied he and the men were armed with guns.

He was sentenced to 33 years in prison and was only eligible for parole after serving a minimum of nine years.

Now that his freedom has been promised, what kind of life can be waiting for a man whose fall from grace began in 1994 with the murder of his wife.  The bodies of Nicole Simpson Brown and Ron Goldman were found stabbed to death outside her Brentwood home in Los Angeles.  Police tagged Simpson immediately as a person of interest.  Five days after his ex-wife’s murder, Simpson lead police on a televised low speed chase as they pursued him while attempting to flee in a white Ford Bronco.  In a court case dubbed “The Trial of the Century” millions watch as prosecutors laid out what they thought was an ironclad case against the Heisman Trophy winner.  Simpson was accused of killing his ex-wife and a friend of hers, Ron Goldman.  The trial ended with Simpson being acquitted, but he was far from free.  The families of the murder victims sued Simpson in wrongful death civil trials.  Simpson was found unanimously liable by the jury and ordered to pay $33 million in damages.  His Heisman Trophy and other property was sold off in order to pay the court ordered settlements.

Though he’s been granted parole, Simpson will remain incarcerated at the correctional facility until October first.


  1. The two biggest mistakes OJ made was divorcing his black wife, Marguerite and marrying the white girl, Nicole Brown.

  2. OJ hated us long before the 1994 double murder charge. OJ hated us because OJ hated being black. He thought he was white. He assumed he had white privilege because a bunch of rich white people shook his hand and smiled in his face. Those same white people gave Orenthal a long, painful reminder that he is black!

  3. If The Juice hated us, then it’s because we have accused him of murdering his wife and her friend; no one knows what went down that day except O.J. himself.

  4. As an NFL Football fan, I just want to say at least to things: O.J. DIDDN’T do it; and it’s about time they’re letting him out! The Juice has been punished enough; he’s paid for the crime (he probably didn’t commit anyway) and he’s learned his lesson! Now he can at least move on and all the haters can stop beating him up now.

  5. I was hoping they kept him in prison. That man did nothing for us. Johnnie Cochran saved his life and what did stupid ass OJ do? He traveled to Las Vegas and committed a armed robbery with a armed accomplice. I don’t care if OJ lives or dies, he hated us, so I hate him.


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