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Atlanta Petitions to Block R. Kelly Concert & ‘Game on’ Bey: Celebrity Wrap Up

Atlanta Petitions to Block R. Kelly Concert & ‘Game on’ Bey: Celebrity Wrap Up


by TRN Writers,

Alanta Group Petitions to “Mute R. Kelly” Concert  When it rains, it pours and singer R. Kelly might be hoping for rain to extinguish a group of Atlantans who are fired up about his scheduled concert. Just two days ago, TRN told you how all the negative publicity following allegations of  a sex cult may have been the cause of concert cancellations in several cities. Now it looks like Kelly’s scheduled August 25th  concert at Atlanta’s Wolf Amphitheater  may get shut down  by protesters. A group calling itself “#MuteRKelly” is  behind the petition seeking to not only stop Kelly’s concert, but silence his songs on local radio.  The petition reads, “Ban child molester, R. Kelly from Atlanta radio and cancel his ATL concert!”…It’s time we take a collective stand against R. Kelly’s serial sexual, mental and physical abuse of young African American women… If the law won’t stop it, it’s time that we take a stand.”   The petition was sent to all area Black Radio Stations and the Fulton County Board of Commissioners.  Kelly lost concert appearances recently in New Orleans and a couple of other venues after  parents of three young ladies involved with the singer held a news conference accusing him of “brainwashing” the women as part of his sex cult.  Through his legal representation, Kelly has denied the allegations and he recently posted a video where he refers to the allegations as “crap”.  At the time of this writing, the group has already reached 952 signatures out of a goal of 1k. #MuteRKelly closes it petition saying  “Enough of this!  Let’s end this man’s career and put the pressure on authorities to investigate this matter.  We must stand up for our sisters and get R. Kelly off our our radio and in jail where he belongs!”  You can read the full petition or sign it at Change.org.

Beyoncé is Balling  The Houston, Texas superstar is rumored to be looking to score in the NBA franchise by buying the hometeam.  Reports are swirling that Bey wants to snag some shares in the Houston Rockets.  The current Leslie Alexander recently announced plans to sell the team.   Financial experts say it could be a wise investment for the Carters who already had some skin in the game back when JayZ had a stake in the Brooklyn Nets.   The 35 year old “Formation” singer has been on a busy binge… she gave birth to twins  a month and a half ago and more recently reportedly put in a bid of $90 million on a Bel Air mansion.

Sonequa is About to take “Star Trek” Where The Franchise Has Never Gone Before  Actress Sonequa Martin-Green is the new face of  the iconic and lucrative “Star Trek’s” TV franchise.  Martin-Green is truly traversing a new frontier as she is the first Black female lead ever for the franchise.  The 32-year old actress will head up the latest team of space explorers this fall when “Star Trek:Discovery” premieres.  Martin-Green recognizes not only the honor of leading the cast but also the historic gravity of her role saying, “…This is an epically grand, yet microscopically tuned, deeply emotional story. We don’t take it for granted. We don’t take it lightly. I certainly don’t. I feel like — it’s a dream to be able to be a part of history. It’s a dream...”  Joining Martin-Green on the show will be Jason Isaacs and Mary Chieffo.   “Star Trek:Discovery” takes off for its maiden voyage September 24 on CBS.

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