Home Black History “Genetics” Make Blacks Weak to Weed: 5 Incredible Facts About the Genetics of African Americans
“Genetics” Make Blacks Weak to Weed: 5 Incredible Facts About the Genetics of African Americans

“Genetics” Make Blacks Weak to Weed: 5 Incredible Facts About the Genetics of African Americans


by G. Brown

It’s been a rough day for Kansas State Representative Steve Alford.  Over the weekend the Republican said to an audience that “genetics” and “character makeup” are the reasons Blacks have the “worst” response to marijuana.  Alford said, “One of the reasons why, I hate to say it, was that the African-Americans, they were basically users and they basically responded the worst to those drugs just because of their character makeup, their genetics and that.”

Alford later said  he regretted making the statement apologized saying he was wrong…and he was.  Wrong because here’s another half informed person pushing false stereotypes intended to make Blacks look like an inferior race when the exact opposite is the case. Several studies conducted through the years reveal various ways that genetics actually make Blacks superior.  Here are 5 Incredible Facts about the Genetics of Blacks…

#1 Black Babies Advance Faster  This was the conclusion of a study shared in The Developmental Psychology of the Black Child.  The study revealed ” that at only 9 hours old African babies were able to prevent their heads from falling backwards. It took European babies roughly six weeks to accomplish this.”(atlantablackstar.com)  Scientists also found in that study that “by the time African babies were 11 months old, they were able to climb the steps alone while European babies typically didn’t accomplish this until they were 15 months old.”

#2 Blacks Are Genetically Stronger  Based on a 2008 Cornell University study, African Americans and people of African descent are not as likely to suffer from harmful genetic mutations as those of European ancestry.

#3 Black Don’t Crack and Other Melanin Miracles  Melanin is the pigment that gives Blacks the color in their skin.  But melanin also provides protection against ultraviolet radiation, helps Black skin to retain its youthful appearance by fighting off signs of aging and is able to provide reusable energy by absorbing types of energy light and sound waves.

#4  Better Athletes   Various studies discovered that Blacks may be superior in some sports because of their genetics.  For instance The Physique of the Olympic Athlete sited major racial differences as the reason many of the top track and field competitions  were dominated by West Africans.  One study revealed that “the muscle composition of West Africans genetically allows them to be “the most anaerobically efficient athletesdue to the way their bodies process energy.” (Atlanta Black Star.com) A decades old study also found that Blacks dominated at some sports like basketball because of the faster rate at which their brains computed the possible plays aiding them in the speed and agility to perform those plays like driving to hoop for a dunk or fakinglays.

# 5 Blacks are More Genetically Diverse than White People  That previously mentioned Cornell U study (see #2) also discovered that people of African descent had more diversity and a lot more variations in their genetics than European descendants. But most African Americans didn’t need a study to tell us that…just a family photo.  If an African American couple has seven kids, they can range in every shade of skin tone from dark brown to a tanned white-like complexion.

So that argument that Blacks are weaker and use more marijuana because of that genetic flaw is rubbish.  The fact that the Kansas lawmaker made the statement while trying to present reasons why marijuana should remain illegal gives us the real truth behind his statement.   A week ago, 63 people  were arrested at a party in Georgia after police found one ounce of weed.  According to the ACLU, “Despite roughly equal usage rates, Blacks are 3.73 times more likely than whites to be arrested for marijuana.”   Even though both races smoke weed at the same rate, Blacks are most likely to be arrested for it.  Why legalize weed when you can arrest more Black people for it? And that’s the idea behind Alford making his dumb comment—setting  up a false narrative to make you think that Black people are the real problem behind marijuana simply because they can’t help themselves since they are weaker.  Alford’s been caught up in a backlash of criticism for his, comments and forced to resign some posts and positions, but the stereotype he set up will continue to live among the ill-formed, ignorant and racist.  Statements like Alford’s make him the real dope(as in dumb) pusher.