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Get On Up Takes Third Place in the Box Office Opening with 14 Million




The James Brown biopic starring Chadwick Boseman did fairly exceptional in the box office this weekend.  Get On Up made third place this weekend with 14 million, a number that most would consider between okay and a little disappointing. While Get On Up takes 3rd place, the movie Lucy, starring Scarlett Johansson takes 2nd place with an 18 million this weekend, while Guardians of the Galaxy took the weekend by storm.  They walked away with a whopping 94 million win.

Now before you start having second guesses about whether or not the James Brown biopic is still worth buying a ticket for, let’s take in the fact that Guardians of the Galaxy was ranked the weekend favorite by 92 percent with an A Cinemascore rating along with a 92% rating on Rotten Tomatoes.  Plus the summer flick was targeted toward the demographic drenched in the younger population.  Ask yourself, how many kids these days really know who James Brown is?  I’d dare you to go ask a kid right now if they know who the king of soul is, but you’d have to gear up for a lot of disappointment.  So what does this mean for James Brown?

Simple.  This means that Get On Up targets the older audiences.  James brown also was ranked with an A by Cinemascore.  And while you figure James Brown was super bad back in the day, the older crowd isn’t known to bum-rush a movie theater all at once.  They usually come out in waves.  To this day, I couldn’t pay my dad to see a movie of any kind opening weekend.  Nope – not when you got the Matinee option?  Please, he would rather stay awake through the entire movie than fall asleep at the midnight premiere (Sorry, Dad).

That being said, do you think there’s still hope for Get On Up on the big screen? Share your comments below.

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