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“Get Over Your F**king Fear”: A White Man Talks to White America

“Get Over Your F**king Fear”: A White Man Talks to White America


by G. Brown

It was a long shot that failed.  A few faithful were holding out hope that faithless electors would right an election wrong and flip the presidency.  Their hopes quickly diminished as the state-by-state votes rolled in on Monday December 19th and affirmed that Donald Trump was still the winner and will serve as the 45th president.  Of the electoral votes cast, 304 went to Trump against Hillary Clinton’s 227…no where near a coup many were hoping for in the last ditch effort.  But there were some electors who went rogue…in Texas  two out 38  electors left the pack and voted for other candidates—just not Hillary. The same happened in Washington state where four more electors voted for other candidates also, but still not Hillary. In fact, electors wrote in everybody from Colin Powell to Faith Spotted Eagle (a Native American activist) when they voted faithless.  It was clear those electors didn’t have any faith in Trump…nor did they have any faith in Clinton.

So, every thing is back to abnormal–the world in which Trump is expected to make America great again by giving the country back to White working class who has suffered at the hands of the Obama administration and liberals who have been trying to make things fair and equitable for all instead of just for one race.

A Huffington Post poll shows that 57% of those surveyed believe that “average Americans aren’t getting their fair share share in society.”  We should let you know that  the term “average Americans” in the poll has been proven through “psychology research” to be “implicitly synonymous with being White“. But when the sentence was changed to read “Black Americans“, those surveyed had less compassion indicating that they believe Blacks get what they deserve and Whites are the victims of circumstances. In short, Whites see themselves as more deserving of jobs, housing, benefits, a better life than Blacks.

Not exactly earth shattering findings for most Blacks. Nor for some Whites who are honest with themselves and the world.  Don’t think such White people exist? Then check out this video post from a White guy who doesn’t give us his name.  When you first hear the southern accent, you think ‘oh boy, here comes some more far right, White supremacist, redneck, heil Hitler logic’.  But you only need to listen for a few seconds to realize, this guy isn’t clinging to some false narrative where White people are the savior and the victims. Instead, he’s a voice of reason. Listen to this guy drop a lot of knowledge, truth and some power.

Right out of the gate, he makes it clear…”White America, we enslaved the Africans, we stole and robbed and committed genocide toward the indigenous people.  That’s our culture, that’s our nature, that’s our country, these are facts.  Since we did these things, we have spent our time defending that…Our government defended it by law. Our government defended it by propaganda. Our media defended it. Our culture defended it. Our people defended it. We had Jim Crow…we had lynchings, the whole time White people were defending the lynchings, the slaughter, the bruality. Now we have mass incarceration of people of color. White people are still defending that..We’ve always had police brutality…harassment towards people of color from police….Some things never change. We’re still  defending that. That thing called White supremacy.”

That’s in just the first two minutes. The speaker goes on to say White people are defending all the wrong, all the injustices they commit in the world because of “greed” and “fear“.  He calls White America “detached, disconnected” as they do what they have always done,– “defend their evil“.

As this guy keeps talking, he starts to get emotional.  His reflective, low-key tone eventually rises to a crescendo of  urgency as he appeals to his fellow White Americans to wake up and change.  He says “White people are bullies who denigrate, enslave, victimize, oppress, disparage, devalue, demoralize, persecute, kill” others to make them lose their will to live, to lose their souls. All, so White people can feel in control. And he says, the greatest fear of White people is that one day, karma’s going to come calling and bring all that pain and “dirty sh**” back to them. As for that fear, he says, “get over your f**king fear White America! Grow the f**k up… You’re holding everybody back…You’re holding me back..you’re holding your community back…You’re holding your f**king species back. You’re holding humanity back.

Now this guy doesn’t strike me as a genius(not that you can tell one by a glance)…but maybe that’s why he is so smart. Instead of trying to rationalize, bury, deny, cover-up or just ignore sins of the past committed by his race, he acknowledges all of it, apologizes for it and is ready to move forward.

This guy should be required viewing for every White American…and a few Blacks too.



    1. @ TL Hi TL…LOL AMEN! That was some serious truth! Thanks for taking the time to add your comment..it brought a much needed smile to my face. Have a Merry Christmas TL.

  1. Its about time that a white person spoke the truth. I am a black 62 yrs young female and I am touched by his honest candor. I hope that everyone hears this! I mean really listen and HEAR. He speaks the truth! Black Americans just want to have peace and be given the same opportunities without regard to skin color as everyone else. We spend our lives assimilating ourselves into White America, learning about their history instead of our own. Everyone regardless of race should hear this man. America…lets grow the f……up. Its time! Kudos to this man for speaking the truth and being honest and forthright. Sir – we need more people in this world to be honest and truthful about whats really happening in America. Trump says Make America Great Again…the truth is – we cant be great until we overcome our demons and not perpetuate them.

    1. @JJ Hi JJ So glad that people like you and many of our other readers can look past this man’s skin color and really listened to him. He seems to be speaking from his heart and it is profound awareness that leaves you wondering how he can see the truth and others don’t. You’re right, Blacks spend so much time trying to fit into a culture while turning our backs on our own culture. I like your point, “we can’t be great until we overcome our demons”…truth is always power. Thanks JJ for taking the time to not only read the article but to share your insight. Take care and Merry Christmas!

  2. I am a 69 years old Black man and I am awe stricken by this man’s stance and his having the guts and integrity to tell it like we as Black people have known all our lives. I don’t ever think I’ve heard a White man say anything like this, in as truthful, prolific, honest and open manner, as this man has said in all my 69 years on this planet. This is the first time that I have ever responded to anything on this medium about the subject of abject racism as espoused by this man. This is a man that I’d like to call my friend if he is as sincere as he sounds. I just wish that his neighbors, peers, friends and all those of the race he shares a bond with could hear and accept his words. I like this guy.

    1. @LarryYoungSr Hi Larry…this man’s video struck some of us here at TRN the same way you received it. It’s to the point and honest. He could be some guy just trying to get views on his youtube channel but his motive isn’t as important as his message. I appreciate you adding some perspective by sharing your wisdom and letting us see how rare such admission from a White person on the topic of racism really is. Thank you for stepping outside your comfort zone and adding your comments…you never know who can learn a thing or two from what you share. Take care Larry and Merry Christmas to you and yours.


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