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Good Video: Damon Dash explains “The Internet Hustle” And Opting Out Of Corporate Deals




Damon Dash breaks it down for us about these rising stars that were born from the internet.  Internet is the catalyst for the progression of pop culture.  Information is constantly being presented to us every day.  So what does this mean for the music industry?  This means that artists can put their music online, send it to the unlimited music fan base over the internet and get exposure quicker than ever before.

In Dash’s video clip Internet Hustle he talks about rappers like Drake and Wiz Khalifa, and how they were the pioneers about presenting their music online.  He comments on how Lil Wayne was putting a record out on the internet every day, collecting fans like clockwork.

Back when hip-hop was becoming popular, things took a lot longer to get to the public. Making a music video or getting your record played on the radio would run you anywhere in the millions of dollars.  However, internet speeds up the process.

“Because of the internet, the middleman is cut out. You don’t need the radio anymore; you don’t need to make videos anymore.  And everyone that’s not digital is trying to transition into digital (like cable TV and all that).  All that counts is what’s going on, on the internet.  All that counts is your numbers on the internet.  And then eventually it will hit pop culture…”

But let’s pump the breaks before all you would-be rappers get too excited.  Damon Dash also talks about the dangers of the internet, and pop culture vultures’ need to control and own new music.

“They [the culture vultures] always trying to take a hustle and then exploit it and then make it corporate.”  And according to Dash, this is the idea of record deals – to own an individual and their music.

This is just the tip of the iceberg.  Learn all about Damon Dash’s insight on the internet hustle in his video here.

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