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GQ’s Citizen of the Year: Is Kap’s Football Career Over?

GQ’s Citizen of the Year: Is Kap’s Football Career Over?


by G. Brown

Football season just kicked off about two months ago and Colin Kaepernick still hasn’t signed to a team. But it’s proving to be a winning season for him nevertheless.

The former SF 49ers quarterback remains a free agent since his #takeaknee protest against racial inequality has made him to hot for NFL owners to hire.  But while Kaepernick probably misses the game, he’s got plenty to keep him busy.

His latest gig—appearing on the front of GQ Magazine as “Citizen of the Year”.  Kaepernick is one of four covers  for the mags people of the year celebration–Golden State Warrior & MVP Kevin Durant is Champion of the Year, Late night talk show host Stephen Colbert is Bad Hombre of the Year and “Wonder Woman” star Gal Gadot is what else, Wonder Woman of the Year.  But Kap is the cover that has the internet a buzzing.

Yeah, lots of love for Kap, but there’s plenty of hate too!

That last post made me LOL…”The citizen who single-handedly ruined America’s favorite pastime for millions“.–People, people.  If you can’t enjoy the game because of a protest before the game, then wait until a minute after kick off to tune in and miss the protest completely. But that’s too logical and it’s much easier to gripe and hate instead.

The anti-Kap crowd that hated the title of ‘Citizen of the Year’, definitely will lose it when they read the article( Colin Kaepernick Will Not Be Silenced) which lionizes,”Kaepernick’s determined stand puts him in rare company in sports history: Muhammad Ali, Jackie Robinson—athletes who risked everything to make a difference.”

He did risk his career which has not recovered.  If Kaepernick stays blackballed by the league, what are his options.  He’s suing the NFL which could generate some funds and he has a million dollar book deal.  But could politics be in his future?  The GQ articles shines a light on Kaepernick’s public appeal with a photo shoot in Harlem with images that make him look like a cross between the second coming of  Malcolm X and Mother Teresa.  There’s always the possibility of TV which loves a controversial figure. Even Scaramucci fielded some TV offers after that disastrous 10 day stint as White House Communications Director.

Whatever is on the horizon, Kap doesn’t seem to worried about it. While everyone is weighing in on whether he’s fit to be Citizen of the Year, Kaepernick is still focused on racial injustice…