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Grandpa Thor Is Proof-People Have Lost Their Dang Minds




by G. Brown

A 70-year man declared war on a work crew—well, actually, a vehicle of a crewman— because he wanted a truck off his lawn.  Problem is the truck that grandpa clobbered wasn’t with the crew.

Elderly Omaha Nebraska homeowner  Thomas Mailander charged out his front door (ok, he meandered) with a hammer in hand ready to confront the workers who were either repairing his street.  The truck in question didn’t belong to the work crew but to a neighbor’s son who was visiting his mom.  Mailander could have avoided the heated confrontation, police charges, a $1500 fine and a hard jolt to his integrity had he only waited to learn this vital information.  What jolt to his integrity…watch the video until the end…

The poor man ended taking a face plant in the wet cement all because he went all Thor with that hammer and wanted to wreck stuff as the crew just stood back and watched.  When a worker finally asked Mailander if he was alright, the cranky old man didn’t break character with an answer that channeled   ‘Gran Torino” saying,  ” ‘Everything all right? Does everything look all right you dumb f**k? I want that truck off my lawn!’

It’s pretty laughable until you realize this feeble, pitiful old man is a startling realization of what society has devolved into.  Why would grandpa go straight rage monster with a hammer instead of walking out and rationally asking the driver to move the truck?  Because we live in a time when people think it’s ok to throw civility, courtesy, and kindness out the window.

A gambling person would bet that grandpa was all juiced up on FOX news peddling that White supremacy rhetoric, looked out his window and saw minority workers doing their job which he was interpreted as trampling on his privilege.

This man lives in America’s heartland and his actions show that Amerca’s heart is stone-cold these days.  Helping your neighbor has been replaced with hating your neighbor, lock children in cages because they’re brown and Black, fight to reclaim a country that isn’t yours and promote racial supremacy that you fear is slipping thru your fingers.

Incidents of people like this old man are growing. A woman in another state screamed at a fellow shopper who accidentally bumped into her cart, ‘We should send you back to Harlem’.  People are out of pocket and it’s escalating.

Hey, whether you’re shopping or visiting in Grandpa Thor’s neighborhood, be careful because people have lost their minds and some of them are wielding more than hammers.


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    August 21, 2019 at 4:53 pm

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    August 21, 2019 at 1:12 am

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