Home Latest posts Is America More Racist Since The Election Of Our Black President?
Is America More Racist Since The Election Of Our Black President?

Is America More Racist Since The Election Of Our Black President?


by Kristina Byas

No one ever would have thought that the election of President Obama  would lead to America becoming more racist.

When Obama was elected as the 44th president, it was supposed to demonstrate the progress that our country has made with accepting diversity. While there was definitely progress made, racism in America has seemingly increases, leading the country to take several steps back from how far it has come.

In 2012, the Associated Press released the results of a poll that measured the attitudes toward blacks in America. The results were interesting to say the least. In 2008, 48 percent admitted to being prejudice against blacks. Four years later, in 2012, that very same poll showed that the number increased to 51 percent.

It is now 2015, and although there is no new poll available just yet to measure racism in the United Stated, some may question whether or not it has increased well past the 51 percent that was reported in 2012.

With the many slayings of unarmed black men and African Americans, males in particular, being stereotyped in the news, people may take that as clear evidence that incidents of racism are occurring more and more. Between the U.S. having a more racially charged atmosphere than what it has in recent years, the increase in black deaths and the media consistently portraying black men in a negative light, many would assume racism has and will continue to increase as the years go by.

President Obama’s win was met with both pride and backlash from the American people. What some have viewed as a step forward, others have viewed as a step backward. There is no denying that progress was made, but what is to be done when there are obviously people who disagree and want nothing more than to show their dislike for Obama and other minorities in America?

If there were a poll taken today, what do you think the results would be?


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  5. 1)africa still has 3 million slaves today owned by blacks
    2)blacks are 13% of the population but are responsible for over 50% of murders(It is actually 7% since the killing is done by the black males not the women)
    3)70% of all black men abandon their children
    4)28.75% of Blacks are on welfare compared to 5.13% of Whites
    5)blacks burn, loot their own village
    6)34,000 white women are raped by black men every year
    black women raped by white men=zero ,nada 0
    7)blacks killed by other blacks every year=5,400
    8)blacks killed by cops=220 (considering the cops are arresting over 5000 murders and over 1 million felonies this number is low)
    wonder why black men are considered low forms of animals-the answer is above

  6. Very dumb question. Of course not racism has always been here and always will because of the wicked nature of mankind. Nothing new under the sun. Problem is, many whites think they are superior to people of color and how in the world is it possible to elect a black man as POTUS, obviously many other whites did not feel that way otherwise he would never had gotten elected thank God many just wanted change. The president has done a great job in my view. Racism ain’t going no where no time soon.

    1. You missed the part where Obama has summarily chastised anyone who isn’t black retroactively for slavery and any inequity that a black person has ever felt. Great? For some, perhaps. But that is not the way to unite a country or pave the way for healing. He has, in fact, excoriated race relation in America for another decade if not more. He could have had a great legacy, but instead will go down in history books as the divider-in-chief, and not even a great one at that. I’m Black so I can call him out every day of the week. It’s time someone “of color” did. He hasn’t done this country or all Americans a favor by driving a wedge between us and healing.

    2. yes you are correct in one way racism has always been around but the problem with your choice of words is what has kept you blind to the issues at hand… It is not whites who think that they are better than blacks. on the contrary I have witnessed first hand how some blacks have treated not just whites but other blacks as well to be lower in stature than themselves. Ignorance runs through all races and if you continue to be ignorant on the issues then racism in this country will continue to be in the forefront of any individual and political agenda…. In other words get educated. Obama has screwed this country to the point where it’ll take another 100 years for racism to disappear completely.

  7. That is absolutely the most needed strategy for our people living/exisitng in America that needs to be inculcated in all Black People. Malcolm was not wrong. Brilliant minds seldom are.

  8. Obama is hated by so many because he is a narcissistic, white-hating, American-loathing, socialism-promoting, Islamic-faciest-supporting, anti-semantic piece of fecal matter. It has nothing to do with him being 1/2 white.

  9. It may not be a good idea to use the #Obama regime as a meter of racial progress in the USA for the following reasons:
    1: Obama is only HALF African.
    2. Obama is only HALF American.
    3. Obama was partly raised by militants who hated America’s government.
    4. Obama was influenced by Islamism, whose lifestyle contradicts America’s.
    5. Obama is a catalyst to remind racists of all colors why they were racist.
    6. Obama is a catalyst for the belief persistence of progressives.

  10. Either the premise is false and America has always been this racist or the President is at fault. I think it is the second choice. He (and AG Holder) have a history of injecting themselves into issues with charges of racism before any investigation has been completed and in every one of those cases, the courts and even the DOJ itself have determined that those charges had no merit. They have, in other words, actively fostered higher racial tensions.

  11. I say it is more overt and pronounced from those who are racist… They are interwoven in all levels of our society… There is a sickness that has been allowed to fester and grow unchecked … Not all White Americans ( although in this society they are all privileged) are racist … as a matter of fact most are not. It is a very forceful few that has been able to create havoc on the entire population. When Obama became president it was an announcement from the core of American citizens that a man who deserves to be judged by his character and achievements can rise to the highest position this country has, without regard to his complexion. This is why so many people felt we were living Martin Luther King Jr’s dream! However to a racist, Martin’s dream is their nightmare..
    They are infected with a disease that flares up with fear and ignorance, some become violent … There is this fear that they will lose something as others gain.. Some such as the racist police feel they have to be the enforcer to guarantee White privilege remains… also they have a fear that those who have been treated so unfairly would hate and seek revenge on those who seemed to benefit. (*I add this below Kif…)
    However, most Blacks are also not racist and are not infected with the desease… No Black person lives the life of White priviledge in this society unless they have been physically endowed with appearing as one in the White Race. The attainment of riches, education, talent, opportunities and association with some of those with White priviledge has given the 21st. century Black society a false sense of security because this country elected a Black President. However, those infected with the desease of racism will rush us back to the reality with acts of public casual racist language, racist jokes, cartoons, insults, injustices, Legislative Actions to Repeal, Defund, Deny or Delay programs to our benefits, underservice, innact detrimental new policies, voter suppression, progandize negative and false accusations in the media, legal lynchings, and victimization and even non-conseqential murders. Even to the aim of our duly elected Black President and his family… Yes! Racism, just like a cancer in the heart of this society, is alive and spreading well right now.

  12. There is NO doubt that blacks are far more racist than they were prior to 2008. That is what happens when you blindly vote for and support someone because of the color of their skin and not the content of their character. Obama has given blacks a false sense of entitlement which includes entitlement to commit crime, attack the police, and then claim to be the victims. Obama is a puppet of the .001 and you are the extension, all pawns.

  13. President Obama’s election has raised the level of racism. The internet has done nothing more than to fan the flames. Children have been taught to hate from the time they have been able to understand that someone who is not like “us” is someone we should hate or dislike. As far as the killing of our African American males go, they know they can’t kill Pres. Obama, so they take it out on those they can kill.

  14. Yes absolutely. The first to go public about not acknowledging Barack Obama presidency was a high ranking military officer that revolted against having a black Commander in Chief. Many that have sat in Congress simply revolted against good policies as a show of constance resistance based on him being the first. The culture of white supremacy has actually elevated in many regards as a sort of neutralizing the image of noted black emergence.

  15. I feel as though the U.S. has become more racist since President Obama became president, so many local and state government officials are white, it offended those that were racist that were at the top, it was as if they were saying ok, you have a black president but we will show you who really is in charge, having a black president still does not set well with most whites, they hate a black being in charge.

  16. I think this article needs a fact check. I highly HIGHLY doubt that 48 percent of American’s held prejudice against the black population in 2008.
    This whole article seems ridiculous to me and I feel that articles like this are the ACTUAL cause of racial tension.

    1. Well, sure…it’s easy to say that because then it doesn’t put the issue in your hands. 48% can be totally skewed based on where the sample was taken. Nonetheless, racial tension isn’t at the fault of articles like these. This wasn’t written to make black people hate white people. It was written because suddenly in the news you see a lot more black people getting shot over trivial things by cops who get off with a slap on the wrist. Then when people protest it, you get a protest in response from mainly a group of white people saying “I can breathe,” mocking a guy who was strangled to death because he resisted arrest. Last I checked resisting arrest without violence did not incur the death penalty. Last I checked, cops weren’t judge, jury, and executioner. In fact, it’s more accurate to say that the racial tension that has resurfaced in the last 8 years are why we have articles like this, not the other way around as you claim. Whether you’re black or white, or any shade in between, ignoring the fact that America has a problem is why it’s taken 150 years after slaves were freed for black lives to matter too.

  17. Thank you!!! Your points are brilliant! Oh, how I pray that our people will soon see that we have Mega Power in Numbers. Knowledge is Power. Instead of roaming the streets… our Youth should be in the countries Libraries… reading and absorbing knowledge. We should all turn our TV sets off… and get back into The Word of God and Pray.

    Sad to say – we will not support Black Businesses, but we flock to Black Friday Sales, and buy the Weave shelves naked as if hair can save us. I am a black woman and I do not worship hair, nails, high heel shoes, or fashion. I do believe if Black people spent their money taking care of themselves and their families (Focus on Diet, Health, & Wellness) we would be able to see how amazing we can be, and thereby began to rise again from the pitfalls of being owned by Our Possessions.

    Stuff is so very deadly. It sucks up Passion. It leaves us stressed, debt ridden, drained… unable to love life and enjoy its simple pleasures. It robs us of the ability to rest well at night. Greed is Demonic.

    It is sad that we will not invest in a book, but we will buy these pricey cell phones and go home to a house without a single book. Many of us are too lazy to go to the Library, or take our children there. I’ve heard people say its old fashioned… but we’ll sacrifice for Cable TV and have sick, sadistic drama right at the fingertips of our precious children. Most Black people spend countless hours worshipping idols on TV, and do not have a single Dream or Goal. Black People are such talented, Creative, Beautiful People but we are flawed… so deeply flawed.

    White People see themselves as Masters. They always will consider themselves to be better than Blacks. Black People are oftentimes too kind & loving to even complain or state when a white person has hurt them. We’ve let them get away with so much that they are really hurt (and strike back in horrible ways) these days when even one black person tells them the hard cold truth about themselves.

    I truly feel that Racism is being taught now more than ever before, and that the onslaught of killings of our Black brothers has been a direct command from someone who was so angered by the USA electing a Black President that they gave the order to make the Black Man pay with their lives. White America at large is insulted that a smart black man even had the audacity to run for the Office… How dare he win fair & square! How dare he win even with them doing all they could to make sure he lost his bid for office.

    I do believe that we in America will never, ever again see a White Man in the Office of President. Women, Blacks, and any other race…. but never another White Man. Call me crazy but – I believe they’ve had their time…. Now its time for the rest of us.

  18. Just a correction and an insight. The first whites here were not slaves. They were refugees that were allowed to leave a Catholic controlled country (As their previous king has created a new form or Christianity, in order to divorce his wife). They had to either convert or leave and they chose to leave. Funny how those same Christians did the same and forced their religion on the very people they enslaved and see how proud African Americans are of their slave master’s religion. They cycle continues.

    1. No just more aware of the prejudice and racists behaviors that have already been upon us. It’s not an illusion, we are living in a ash tray! Black people need to come together as one and form many. Let’s remember we are all descendent of the strongest people to ever walk the earth and survive the middle passage, plus 400 plus years of slavery!

  19. What Obama did was through the hate he received woke up a sleeping black mass of people who know want to be separated from the United States and paid for the services inventions and blood put into this country. It is clear Unity will never happen as black people have been asking for a place in white American for 400 years and still rejected. The modern black man no longer wants inclusion. He wants out with payment due.

  20. America is not “more racist.” It’s more aware how racist we already were. Anyone who claims Obama has been racially divisive? Bullshit: You’re a racist using racist talking points given to you by racists to rationalize your racism. End of story.

  21. The country is more racist because President Obama has endorsed and embraced the concept of race and the separateness of the races. What he should have done, from day one, is to repudiate that and point out that he himself is as much white asd black and that anyone who believes that human beings come in different
    races is wrong factually (which the Human Genome Project proved) and wrong – especially wrong – morally.

  22. Whu? haha

    Obama was voted in, largely by white people, and then was voted in again…largely by white people. That could not occur if racism was *worse* than before he was elected.

    What you have now is the DEATH WAIL of the racist. Obama becoming president was the proverbial stake in the ground, the line in the sand that said, \Your racist ideologies? Everything you believe and hold dear to be true? It’s just become irrelevant.

    That’s been a tough pill to swallow for this tiny but VERY vocal minority. You can see the same thing in a lot of these religions and the way they vehemently oppose progression. Because progression spells the end of their ideologies.

    But no, of course not, people are not MORE racist. Kids are growing up today having only known a BLACK PRESIDENT. That can’t be undone. Which is why the tiny vocal minority of racists are in a tizzy. Because they see the writing on the wall. Their belief system is being crushed and dismantled.

  23. Whether it’s an increase or it’s just closer to the surface, I’ve definitely noticed. As a white peruse who voted for and proudly supports our president, it’s laughable to hear the excuses on the other side. It’s the old saying, Who are you going to believe, me or your lying eyes

  24. I agree with you 100%, the racism has always been there just undercover. Now they feel bold enough to expose themselves since they feel like black and other minorities are gaining power from this election.

  25. This President inherited the worst job creation since the financial melt down of the 1920’s, (a) an economic recession that had the making of a depression, the worst financial and stock market collapse since the great stock market crash in 1929, (b) two of the longest wars in U S history,(c) and a trillion dollar budget deficit. And now you want him to be a divine magician in six years with a Republican Congressional House Legislature (whose job it is to make laws with him) who vowed to work against him on the night of his inauguration. And now over the next two years with a majority Republican Senate who has promise to undo much of the progressive work passed by Congress during his first two years in office, you the discriminated, dismissed, discounted, disregarded, ignored and snubbed are doing nothing but looking for our President to become our divine Savior.

    And yet with all that adversity; lately some of the news media and T V commentators have admitted that his administration has had 63 plus straight months of economic growth, a depression averted, a deficit reduced by two thirds, a health care law available for all that’s working and lowering costs, two women appointed on the Supreme Court, Bin Laden is now dead, a stock market at record heights, unemployment rate having dropped from 10.2 to 5.9% and Gas prices dropping and reaching lows each day. And much more could have been done like added jobs through infrastructure, increase in minimum wages, unemployment benefits extended, equal pay for women, better benefit care for veterans, climate control, adjustments in college student loans and free tuition during college students first two years in college. That is if Congress was willing to work with him.

  26. Even the hunter hate to feel hunted remembering Captain Ahab Mobydick and Little Big Horn Armstrong Custard. Whites came here as slaves then escape were hunted and some not found. So slavery was a cheap and easy way to maintain and if they ran they would be easy to find because of their color which is the spin in America blacks should know there place or is there a place for us as you kiss up to Asian and Pakistan who seem more smarter than you but you keep you lip sealed until they decided to lead you play your race card.

  27. It was racial in the first race leading into this president first term with naming Donald Trump question Obama illegitimacy of being born american, McCain & Sara P. and then health care, his selection to chief Justice pick. Everything associated not on my watch has happen for a black president through congress and senate. The blow out lost for Mitt Rodney and his son lashed out threats to President Obama was blown off like it was not personal so he accepted it but as a black person we don’t forget or forgive like media had portrayed us for hundred of years as undesirable race so now the police are fed up acting like mercenaries vigilante killing unarmed black men , punching black women pregnant or not with extreme force. The last ambushed a 12 year old boy on a play ground with a toy gun shot in two seconds like killing a wild dog and he felt good about it like bagging a trophy wow what a great country of moral we live in.

  28. It’s not more racist, it’s just that they are more open with it. But I would rather know my enemy than have them grin in my face while stabbing me in the back. Pres. Obama wasn’t given a chance. He was held to a much higher standard than ANY of the previous Presidents. They continually refuse to acknowledge him as our President on the air and in print. They call him Obama. I feel he has done a decent enough job being that he one hell of a mess to clean up.

  29. I don’t believe the country is more racist than before. I believe for reasons I can’t fully explain Whites feel embolden and justified in saying to the general public what they only said among themselves. The fact that they’re White brothers and sisters voted to put Barack Obama in the “Sanctity” of the White House signals to them how close their reign of power and control may be to threats of real social change and that they may not be charge of that change. And they are scared. Scared people do and say the unthinkable because they don’t fell they have anywhere else to go. White America is feeling trapped.

    1. AS one of their “White brothers” who voted for our president twice I couldn’t agree more. They see their world ending and our lashing at. Sociology speaking its Behavior 101, but none the less disgusting.

  30. Very well said. They don’t realize that what they want him to do is hypocritical and he doesn’t want to go around the world policing there problems when this country is the way it is. They criticize his foreign policies, but I wouldn’t want to do what they want either. I think it will get worse, but we have got to stick together. Stop buying 300 sneakers and purses, stop buying the weave and spend money with Black business. We have to get an economic base and then the strong buying power we possess will be understood. We have to unite and sacrifice and stop making these corporations rich
    And enrich us as a people.

  31. It is pretty obvious. Before he was even elected, you could see evidence of what was to come. When he was elected, Rush Limbaugh and others began the negative comments. Let’s not forget that embarrassing “You Lie” comment made during his State Of The Union address. Has he been perfect? NO but, he should have been accorded the same courtesy as the previous presidents. After this last election, I will no longer support either of the two established political parties – one threw the POTUS under the bus, the other drove over him with it. Is it any wonder that the rest of the world just shakes it head at what is taking place here.


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