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Has Malia Found Her Calling In Hollywood?




She’s President Barack Obama’s first born, and America’s 1st Daughter (of 2), she’s 15-year old Malia Obama. She was spotted a week ago in Southern California on the set of Halle Berry’s new TV show, Extant. 
The teenager wasn’t there to steal the stage from the Academy-Award winning beauty, but instead to work behind the scenes. Obama worked as a production assistant where it’s reported that she helped with computer shop alignments and was even allowed to slate a take during filming. She was excited to be there saying, “This is a big deal.”

Has Obama found her calling in Tinsletown? Maybe she’ll be the next young  Kasi Lemmons (director of Eve’s Bayou) or Lisa Cortés (producer of Oscar nominated, Precious) Or was she just curious. Well our 1st lady seems to know the answer, saying that Malia has expressed a strong interest in filmmaking. She, like her father, President Obama, enjoys reading and watching movies.


She may have the connections to become a female James Cameron, but she has a few years to decide if the film industry is right for her. And her loving parents couldn’t agree more, saying they want her to keep an open mind to different opportunities.

Malia was in California with her Dad for a few days as he prepared to give the commencement address for UC Irving grads that Saturday.When asked about youngest 1st daughter, Sasha’s interest, Michelle Obama said, they usually change by the hour.

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