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Hate Is Making Emmett Till Memorial Bigger and Better




by G. Brown

You’ve got to appreciate the irony-laden story of  White Supremacists boldly showing up to disrespect the memory of a slain Black child by using his memorial as the backdrop for their racist propaganda.  Only to tuck tail and run for cover when newly installed sirens start blasting all over the place.

The memorial erected in memory of  Emmett Till has repeatedly been brutalized much like its namesake.  Four times the historical marker in Glendora, Mississippi has been vandalized.  The first marker in 2008 was actually uprooted and thrown into the river.  The next two times the memorial was used as target practice by vandals who riddled it with bullets.

Finally, the Emmett Till Memorial Commission has figured out a way to stop vandals dead in their tracks.  Well, actually…put them on the run.  Watch this… oh, it is sooooooooo worth it.

The commission not only made the historical marker bulletproof but also added sirens and hidden cameras which provided us with the view of what all these big, bag White supremacists look like when those sirens start blasting.    Their real cowardice is caught on camera as they scurry away like roaches when the light is turned on.

In the video, the man is asking where are the memorials for White people?  Another bit of irony since most of the nation’s Confederate memorials, National memorials like Mount Rushmore are pretty much the answer to that question.

It’s disgustingly sad that a 14-year old boy tortured and killed because of a lie and racism can’t even be memorialized without present-day racists still feeling threatened 50 years later.  How does remembering one child and the injustice he endured threaten anybody?  The point of the memorial is to remind us what happened to Emmett Till so that no one repeats those horrors. Sadly the same hate that led to Emmett’s horrendous murder continues to live on today.

No one was there to protect Emmett in his final hours, but an entire nation can now help protect his memorial.  The commission that erected the memorial says after news outlets covered the story of the cowardly White supremacists running off, donations have been pouring in.  More people are now wanting to visit the memorial in homage to Emmett.

The commission says it may even be starting an app to help with the memorial. Though the White Supremacists caught on camera haven’t been identified, we’d like to extend to each of them a big ole heartfelt thank you.  What you meant for evil, is being used for good in remembering a child who suffered in life and may finally get to be memorialized in peace.





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    oprol evorter

    December 23, 2019 at 4:10 pm

    I love it when people come together and share opinions, great blog, keep it up.

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    NBA is fixed

    November 9, 2019 at 5:59 pm

    This video should be viewed by any black man or woman who still assumes that integration will lead to success. America hates black people. By the way, the white men who lynched Emmett Till never went to jail.

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    November 9, 2019 at 12:15 am


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