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He Knows Who Shot JFK and the Man Marvin Gaye Slept With: Is Quincy Jones Telling All or Telling Lies?


by G. Brown

We have not heard from music legend Quincy Jones for years  and years. But suddenly he is back on the scene and making up for lost time spilling secrets on just about everybody from Michael Jackson to Richard Pryor.

Jones is back in the spotlight after what seems decades of silence.  He’s doing press junkets to promote an upcoming Netflix documentary on his life which will be hosted by Oprah Winfrey. At 84 years old his long career has been both illustrious and lucrative.  He’s rubbed shoulders with some of the biggest names in Hollywood and the music industry, so when he drops a name it’s probably somebody he worked with, partied with or at least met.  As Jones makes the round on this press junket, he’s not only dropping names, but dropping bombs.

A lot of those bombs were launched in a Vulture Magazine article where the record and film producer decided to tell all about some of the industry’s biggest names. When asked about working with the King of Pop Michael Jackson, Jones said, “I hate to get into this publicly, but Michael stole a lot of stuff. He stole a lot of songs. [Donna Summer’s] “State of Independence” and “Billie Jean”…He was as Machiavellian as they come.”   Jones went on to call Jackson, “Greedy, man. Greedy.”

As the interview continued, the revelations from Jones got bigger including his claim that he knew who really killed JFK (he says it was a mobster with ties to Frank Sinatra); he called the Beatles “the worst musicians in the world” and “no-playing motherf__kers“;  And he claims he dated Ivanka Trump years ago when he was 72 and she was 24 years old.

But perhaps one of the loudest booms from the explosive interview was about actor Marlon Brando’s sexual exploits with some Black legendary figures. Jones claims, “He’d[Brando] fuck anything. Anything! He’d f__k a mailbox. James Baldwin. Richard Pryor. Marvin Gaye.” When pressed by the interviewer how  he could know those people slept with Brando, Jones just doubled down with a dismissive “Come on, man” before completely and abruptly changing the subject asking “You like Brazilian music?”

Apart from his tales from the dark side, Jones had some insightful things to offer about the current state of the music industry, racism and social justice.  But all of that seems buried beneath the more gossipy and salacious commentary.

Jones most damning comments were mostly made about people who are dead and can’t set the record straight–Michael Jackson, Pryor, Gaye.  People were in an uproar recently when singer Patti Labelle shared a secret that Luther Vandross was gay.  It wasn’t a big surprise to most, but people thought Labelle crossed a line by waiting until was dead to share his secrets.  Will Jones be subjected to the same scrutiny?  Will it affect his tell all book sales? Or will people just devour it because of all the dirt Jones is spilling?

After 28 Grammys, producing some of music’s  biggest-selling albums and living for almost 85 years, Jones say he’s “got nothing to be scared of“.  Does he? Makes you kind of wonder what people who know him might have to say about Quincy Jones if they write a tell all book.