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He Says It’s Funny-Twitter Users Call It Racist

He Says It’s Funny-Twitter Users Call It Racist


by G. Brown

Most people are happy for any two people who manage to find love and usually celebrate with them.  The exception to that etiquette would be racists offended when the lovers are from different races.

That’s the perfect introduction to Wisconsin Republican congressional candidate Paul Nehlen who is officially, permanently suspended from Twitter after posting a racist image of actress and royal bride-to-be Meghan Markle.  Actually, Nehlen photo swapped Markle’s beautiful face with the latest rendition of Cheddar Man.  Just in case you don’t know…Cheddar Man is the name of a rendering composed by researchers of Britain’s oldest complete skeleton.  The researchers used DNA analysis last month to come up with the replica which shows the oldest known ancestors to settle in Britain had black skin and curly hair.

Nehlen didn’t apparently didn’t like the idea that Brits descended from Black people…or he doesn’t like the idea that a royal is about to marry a Black woman…maybe both ideas irked him enough to post the doctored image. It didn’t take long for Nehlen to get responses from scores of angry people.

But the most passionate response clearly came  from Markle’s “Suits” co-star and onscreen husband Patrick J. Adams who posted a stinging response…

Well said Patrick. Nehlen should have just taken the correction and walked away, but noooo! He went down swinging with this defense…” Publishing an article *disappearing whites* or *dispossessing whites* of their homelands is wrong; made worse when claiming “science” to “prove” whites never existed.”

Let’s just unpack some of that. The only thing more pathetic than the whinging(British word) by Nehlen is the hypocrisy  of his statement. Didn’t White people “dispossess” Blacks of their homeland, their heritage, their dignity, their freedom in the most evil and inhumane way?  Wasn’t that wrong?

And how ridiculous is Nehlen’s claim that people are trying to ‘prove that Whites never existed‘ since people are responding to a tweet posted by a White man! Researchers aren’t using scientific proof to create myths, but quite the contrary.  Those researchers are using that proof to correct historical and archaeological fallacies have always existed far too long. People like Nehlen are fearful that the lies used to claim one race as the dominant, superior race will be erased. So they fight back to keep truth hidden from history books and to allow the lies and myths to serve as a foundation to look down on others. The sad thing is they would rather embrace a lie than the truth that we are all created equal.