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He Stood In Protest-Now Colin Kaepernick Stands Alone

He Stood In Protest-Now Colin Kaepernick Stands Alone


by G. Brown,

What’s the cost of standing up for what you believe in?  Colin Kaepernick knows.  Even though he was twice named Western Athletic Offensive Player of the Year during his days at the University of Nevada, MVP of 2008 Humanitarian Bowl and a quarterback with the 49ers since 2011, Kaepernick didn’t become a household name until last year.  It wasn’t his moves on the field of play that got him noticed, but his move of protest that did.

The first time Kaepernick decided to sit in protest during the National Anthem, few noticed…that was August 14 of last year. A week or so later when he repeated his protest, someone tweeted the photo of Kaepernick sitting during the anthem and rumblings began.

By August 28th, Kaepernick was a national headline and he explained, “I’m going to continue to stand with the people that are being oppressed. To me, this is something that has to change. When there’s significant change and I feel that flag represents what it’s supposed to represent, and this country is representing people the way that it’s supposed to, I’ll stand.” Shortly after, Kaepernick decided to no longer sit, but to kneel on one knee while the anthem was played. By September, Kaepernick was the scourge of the game to some, berated on social media and in the media by opposition who called him “unpatriotic”, “treasonous” and worse.  But Kaepernick was also an inspiration to others  and not just in the NFL. Other pro sports players joined the protest.  Even college players and high school players were kneeling  in support of his cause and of Kaepernick. At Howard University in D.C., the cheerleaders even bent a knee in protest.

Kaepernick had started something that caught fire. Pro players like Iman Shumpert announced he would raise money for families impacted by police violence and fatalities. Kaepernick was featured on the cover of Time magazine.  But when the season ended, did Kaepernick’s NFL career end as well.

As a free agent, the protest that made him a national sensation is making head coaches nervous.  Instead of weighing Kaepernick on his undeniable skill and ability, coaches are worried about how fans will react to the quarterback who launched a national protest against racial injustice.  It’s sad that the very thing Kaepernick was protesting is seemingly claiming him as its latest victim. Baltimore Ravens coach John Harbaugh is certain Kaepernick will be signed saying, “He’s too good a player. Someone’s going to sign him and he’ll play in this league probably for a long time.” Of course, Harbaugh didn’t sign him. And the league doesn’t want people using the term “blackballed” because it gives the NFL a black eye.

All this makes you wonder, why no one is protesting for Kaepernick…fighting back on his behalf to make sure he’s signed. All those people he inspired are as silent as football stadiums in this off season period.  Interesting that a few pro athletes have been caught on video beating women in elevators,  some have been proven to have drug problems, marital infidelity issues and a gamut of other problems but they are still in the game.  The man who stood for a cause, to fight for people who didn’t have a voice while he was belittled for taking such a stand could be sidelined?  If that happens, it’s proof that justice is in America is just a dream.



  1. The relationship black athletes have with the white head coaches and the white owners is similar to the relationship Chicken George had with Massa Reynolds (Roots reference). What i’m trying to say is that the black athletes do all of the physical work while the white man makes all of the money. #BlackLaborWhiteWealth

  2. Ok, everybody is in agreement with what Colin Did. he sacrificed his life and livlihood for an ideal; for his own people because he saw his people getting shot down in the streets.NOW; What are his people going to do for him? I remember Tommie Smith and John Carlos making their statement at the mexico Olympics and a very similar thing happened to them. They were alienated. Even black folks didn’t really support them. No Civil rights organization came to their aid in terms of helping them make a living. The black community basically abandoned them. Are we going to do the same thing with this brother. I am calling for a Boycott of the NFL. Don’t watch it this year. I am also calling on the black business community to embrace this brother and help him find ways to invest his money so he can make a comfortable living.

    1. Les you are one hundred percent correct; we need to boycott the NFL. Unfortunately too many black people (Especially black men) are addicted to the NFL the same way Tiger Woods is addicted to beckys. Football has damaged the brains and bodies of millions of black boys and black men while white men have become super rich.

    2. “EXACTLY”, I have a lot of respect for him. He to me is more brave, and real than some of our “Black Leader’s”. The NFL is losing a lot of it’s fan base. My football daughter, who knows more about player’s, and the game it’s self than most men has left.

  3. A strong black man is a man who defends and supports black empowerment despite the threats from white supremacy! A strong black man raises the black fist in front of thousands of white people (John Carlos, Tommie Smith) A strong black man is a man who doesn’t need the white man’s false idol awards or the white man’s money. He is already rich with wisdom, love of God and love for the black race (Muhammad Ali, Malcolm X, Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.).

    A weak black man is somebody who needs to buy a bunch of expensive, worthless European items in order display the illusion of success. A weak black man insults and humiliates the black community in front of white people (Charles Barkley). A weak black man constantly makes a fool of himself to entertain the white man (Steve Harvey, Lil Wayne). A weak black man is somebody who makes millions of dollars and gives it back to the racist white aristocracy (Floyd Mayweather, Jay-Z, Puff Daddy).

    Colin Kaepernick is a strong black man. We need more black men to stand up for black empowerment. He is a hero. Any black man who resists the temptation of the white man’s money and false idol awards is a hero. A message to all black parents; please don’t encourage your children to be like Mike, encourage your children to be like Kaepernick.

  4. If you are a black parent who has a son that plays football, you need to read the following books immediately:

    1. Black Labor White Wealth, Dr. Claude Anderson

    2. $40 Million Dollar Slave, William C Rhoden

    3. League Of Denial, Mark Fainaru-Wada and Steve Fainaru

  5. Fact: Over fifty percent of NFL players are black

    Fact: The NFL has no black owners

    Fact: The NFL is a ten billion dollar a year business

    Fact: Most NFL football players die before age 65

    It doesn’t make sense for black parents to encourage their sons play a sport that we do not own. Thanks to black football players, the NFL is a ten billion dollar a year business. The NFL will not allow us to own a team. Why? Because they do not want us to attain wealth. In conclusion, black parents should stop enrolling their sons in football!

    1. You got that right on the button. White folks only want black people to be their clowns and their stepping and dancing buffoons. They are terrified of strong intelligent free thinking black people, especially black men.They always use fantasy fake white man jesus and the church to keep us corralled and tethered to slave Masser’s modern day plantation,which more often is, again, the church on our knees kissing and worshiping their racist asses,which we as black people have no problem doing..

  6. Brothers and sistas I am going to give you examples of five white men who became rich from the physical labor of black athletes

    1. Jerry Jones; purchased the Dallas Cowboys, became a billionaire from black football players like Emmitt Smith, Michael Irvin and Nate Newton.

    2. Phil Knight: Founded Nike (Blue Ribbon Sports), Signed Michael Jordan, Lebron James and Kevin Durant. Phil Knight is worth over $25 billion dollars. Nike corporation’s revenue is over $30 billion dollars

    3. Jim Harbaugh: Head coach Michigan Wolverines; Highest paid head coach in college football, $8 million dollars a year

    4. Nick Saban: Head coach Alabama Crimson Tide; Second highest paid head coach in college football, $7 million dollars

    5. Bill Redell: Head coach at Oaks Christian High School in Westlake Village California. Salary over $150,000 a year

    Here is the point I’m trying to make. The white men who make billions of dollars off of black athletes become very angry when black athletes like Colin Kaepernick or Mahmoud Abdul Rauf protest against racist Amerikkkan injustice! For over 50 years, thousands of white men have become millionaires and billionaires off of the hard physical labor of black athletes. The NFL and the NBA have become multi billion dollar business because of black athletes. Most black athletes will never become billionaires. How do we solve this problem? Black parents must stop enrolling their children in sports and start enrolling their children in computer school or money investment courses. #Dr.BoyceWatkins #BusinessSchool


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