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Heads Up-Don’t Tell Black People You Created Head Wraps




by G. Brown

One thing you don’t want to do on social media is make a claim you can’t back up with receipts…especially if Black Twitter gets wind of it. One woman’s little white lie turned into a social media beat down.

According to, “…a White woman claimed she invented the sleep bonnet called NiteCap that she is audaciously selling for an exorbitant $100 each.”  Yep, that’s definitely “audacious“. Not sure which is bolder to claim she invented the sleep bonnet or that she’s selling them for $100 a pop!

It gets better.  Sarah Marantz Lindenberg explains ” she alone conceptualized” the bonnet while getting ready for her wedding when an idea popped into her head after her dermatologist recommended pulling her hair back away from her face at night to prevent skin breakouts caused by hair touching her face.

Now you and I both know Black people been sporting scarves, doo-rags and bonnets since slave days and that we can run to the nearest Walmart or hair supply store and get satin bonnets at a bargain for less than $2.00. We know and so does Black Twitter…


the type of hair covering that Black women have been sporting since Abraham Lincoln was alive – and long before that.


Well, after being dragged for days, Lindenberg and her NiteCapCo had no choice but to eat a little crow and released a statement saying “We stand with those who are hurt, and we respect and hear their voices.  We’re committed honouring the historical significance of hair wrapping and this will now be a part of our approach.”

So, the company basically said we won’t take all the credit for inventing headwraps, but we will still take your money when we sell these overpriced bonnets.

Someone compared the “I invented head wraps” to Christopher Columbus discovering America when Native Americans had been living here for always.  Similar to claims thatR&B originated with Elvis or that Miley Cyrus came up with twerking and the nae nae.  Just waiting for the history rewrite to inform us that Eminem created rap.

Rachel Dolezal, Kim Kardashian’s cornrows and big booty, music, fashion even slang–all have been scrutinized under the magnifying glass of claims of cultural appropriation to the point that people are desensitized at the utterance of the phrase.  Still, that doesn’t mean calling people out on it is wrong or old hat.

Perhaps, people grow weary of hearing about it all the time because it keeps happening all the time.



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    NBA is fixed

    July 26, 2019 at 8:52 pm

    Breaking news: Dr. Boyce Watkins reports that the NAACP cheered when Bernie Sanders told them he is against reparations. I’m not making this up.

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    NBA is fixed

    July 26, 2019 at 7:34 pm

    On topic: Once again white people trying to fleece and deceive black people. Another reason why integration doesn’t work.

    Off Topic: Can we talk about the huge scandal with Antoine Fuqua, Nicole Murphy and Lela Rochon

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