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Here’s What Trump Tweeted About Snoop’s New “Lavender” Video



by G. Brown

Doubt the new president actually listens to rap, unless his name or image is connected to it. So of course Donald Trump couldn’t let Snoop’s latest video “Lavender” go without tweeting about it.

As TRN told you earlier in our article “Snoop Probably Just Made Some Kind of National Watch List Because of this Video”  Snoop uses a Trump doppleganger who threatens to deport all dogs ( “Snoop D.O. Double G”) and the rapper comes to the rescue with the controversial scene where he aims a fake gun at the fake Trump.  In the video, Snoop points a fake gun at fake Trump’s head rapping “This is the final call”. Snoop pulls the trigger only to have the a flag pop out of the fake gun with the word “Bang” written cartoon style on it.  Another lyrical line declares, “Trying to keep from dying in these muthaf–kin’ streets/ F–k the police/ From a black man’s point of view.”

The video even parodies Trump speech with the title of “BADBADNOTGOOD”.  It’s full of raw, hardcore lyrics and images true to the West Coast rap legend’s style.  Here’s the video, but first a disclaimer, it’s full of language not suitable for some viewers.

Snoop’s director  says the video was inspired by the July 2016 shooting of Philando Castile whose fatal shooting by a Minnesota police officer was broadcast live on Facebook.  According to Snoop, the video not only wanted to look at police brutality and corruption, but everything that seems to be going wrong with America currently. Snoop adds, “The whole world is clownin’ around, and Jesse’s (the director) concept is so right on point with the art direction and the reality, because if you really look at some of these mother****ers, they are clowns.”  Snoop also says his intentions were not to make a controversial video, but he wanted to make a video that was “real–real to the voice of the people who don’t have a voice.

Trump supporters have slammed the video as everything from racist to treasonous. And today, the president himself took time to imply Snoop went beyond the boundaries of the law…

“Jail time’?  Pretty harsh for a man Trump might have at one point considered a friend…or something.  Way back in 2011,Snoop was one of a handful of celebrities on the panel to roast Trump.   The show was part of  Comedy Central’s long running Celebrity Roast series.  The show was always more of a sham booking big names to draw audiences while comedians wrote all the jokes and the celebrities didn’t even really have to know the guest of honor—or roastee.

Of course, Snoop has long criticized Trump before his new video.  The rapper even threatened any Black entertainers who dared to consider performing at Trump’s inauguration saying, “So, ain’t nobody gonna perform for Donald Trump, huh? Which one of you jiggaboo-ass niggas gonna be the first one to do it? I’m waiting. I’m gonna roast the fuck out of you Uncle Tom-ass niggas for doing it. Which one of you niggas gonna do it first?”

Others on Capitol Hill are also condemning Snoop’s video calling it in poor taste and denouncing it for trying to incite violence against the president.  Meanwhile, the video is probably getting more YouTube views because of all the public outcry.


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