Home Entertainment “Hidden Fences”? Get the # Ready Golden Globes Because Twitter is on It
“Hidden Fences”? Get the # Ready Golden Globes Because Twitter is on It

“Hidden Fences”? Get the # Ready Golden Globes Because Twitter is on It


by TRN Writers,

Oh, live award shows always give us so many unscripted, embarrassingly human moments. Whether it’s Kanye storming the stage to interrupt at the VMA’s or Steve Harvey declaring the wrong winner, live TV mishaps, well happen.  Don’t let the “live TV” moment fool you because if you miss it, the moment will live on in social media hell.

The Golden Globes brought us such a moment when actor Michael Keaton repeated a tragic mistake made earlier by NBC host Jenna Hager Bush.  Both Keaton and Bush apparently confused by two of the year’s biggest all Black cast movies decided to merge the titles into one glaring mistake.  Both Bush and Keaton mashed up “Hidden Figures” and “Fences” to give us “Hidden Fences”.  “Hidden Figures” stars Taraji P. Henson, Octavia Spencer and Janelle Monae in the real life inspired story of how three genius Black women helped send our first astronauts to the moon.  “Fences” stars Denzel Washington and Viola Davis in the story of a Black family in 1950’s America trying to deal with the harshness of life amidst racial tensions and missed opportunities.  Two power house films, two amazing stories and  two stellar Black casts apparently  more than some minds could handle. Perhaps Keaton was busy working on his role as the villain Vulture in  the upcoming “Spider Man:Homecoming” to be bothered with seeing what his acting cohorts were up to…or may be he couldn’t clearly read the names and titles on the teleprompter in front of him–he is after all 65 years old. Keaton did at least apologize for the flub, saying humorlessly, “Let’s make this official; I’m sorry, I apologize, I screwed it up” and adding “I’m a horrible person“. Perhaps he should have just let the tweets and memes run their course and kept silent. As for the reporter, she’s on her own—your job is to know information so you don’t get a pass.  Especially not from  twitter which caught the slip of the lips and was ready to respond.  The best posts were those that answered the faux pas by committing more similar mistakes and mashing up more movie and show titles starring Black actors.







  1. Sorry but I give the reporter a pass also due to this being her first time on the red carpet, it was live and with everyone standing around and moving, I know she did not intentionally do this, had it been me, surrounded by all of Hollywood, I probably would have done the same thing and I am a Black 68 year old woman. She extended her apology on the Today Show this morning. We as Black people need to be worried about much more important things such as this old ugly fat racist by the name of Donald Trump!

  2. Dylan Roof, the white man who killed 9 blacks in a SC church has been given 2 separate competency hearings. Both have found him to be normal. My point, the Judge appears to want to give Roof the benefit of the doubt…. wanted to find a reason to be easy on him. Name a case where a minority has been given 2 separate competency hearings on a murder/death penalty case?

  3. White folks pay a lot of money for NOT putting white person with high crime criminals into PRISON period. With those highest EXCUSES go for PROBATION OR MENTAL INSTITUTION. It’s all about money and classes. IT IS NOT BASES ON FOR THEM TO FOLLOW THE LAW OR CONSITUTATION. All black person must go PRISON for any smaller or larger causes period. IT’S THE WHITE POWER JUDGEMENT!

  4. Since we are talking about Hollywood, we need to talk about a hollywood story that was completely blackballed from the mainstream tv news networks. Law And Order director Jace Alexander was sentenced to ten years probation for possession of child porn. I said PROBATION, not prison, probation! Jace Alexander is a white man. None of the corporate tv news networks are reporting this story. Special thanks goes to Robert Littal from blacksportsonline.com for reporting this terrible crime committed by a powerful, white male hollywood director.

    1. Once again a white man who works in hollywood commits a felony crime against children, and doesn’t go to prison. #RomanPolanski


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