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His Tweet Was Shared By Millions:Best Tweets of 2017

His Tweet Was Shared By Millions:Best Tweets of 2017


by G. Brown

As we hurl towards the end of another year,  reflections on what 2017 brought us are already underway.  It’s been a year of highs, lows, joys and frustrations.  No better way to keep tabs on the pulse of the year than to look back at some of the trending topics on social media.

Huff Post gives us some of the Most Popular Tweets of the year in an article that gauges Tweets by categories of ‘most likes’, ‘most retweeted’ and greatest number of followers. Who takes the top slot for 2017…former President Barack Obama.

According to Huff Post, Twitter revealed “Three of Obama’s tweets made the “most retweeted” list and two appeared in the “most liked” category.” But the article says it was Obama’s passionate and beautiful plea for racial peace  during that violent White nationalist protest in Charlottesville, Virginia that was both the ‘most liked’ and ‘most retweeted’ post’.

Moving and comforting posts like that are the reason Obama has nearly 98 million followers on Twitter…double the number of followers for the current president.

Trump did manage to beat out Obama in one category according to Huff Post, “he was crowned the most tweeted about elected world leader this year.”  Yeah, some of the pride Trump might feel with that consolation prize disappears in the article’s next sentence–“But as various stories have noted, he’s often mentioned in a negative light.”  Those negative mentions include tweets like this one from NBA star Lebron James which also racked up ‘likes’ and ‘retweets’ into the millions…

The Huff Post article made no mention of Black Twitter which may not have generated the ‘most likes’ or ‘most retweets’, but hands down delivered some of the deepest cuts and most severe burns of 2017.

No topic is too hot when it comes to Black Twitter and there’s commentary on everything from social issues… to  U.S. and world politics….

And current or cultural events….

And don’t think Black Twitter is afraid to engage in a little introspection and call it itself out on issues or lift one another up when needed….

Twitter and social media as a whole are still drawing the criticisms of some who say the platforms are fostering anti-social behavior that gives anonymity to bullies, racists, trolls and the like. All true, but that’s Twitter at its worst…at it’s best, Twitter can still inform, enlighten and entertain us. But the year isn’t over yet and chances are there are still some Tweets to come that will rank among the best of 2017.